Friday, December 26, 2008

The Costners

I meant to add this to yesterday's post. I thought you might like to see a photo I took of Kevin Costner's parents.

This was taken fourteen years ago at a Costner family reunion in Fresno, California.

They are really down to earth people, very friendly and warm. I liked them a lot.

Needless to say, Kevin did not attend the reunion. When you are famous you don't want a bunch of relatives to pester you. He did send autographed photos for all of us, however.

This is the last day my son will be here so I shall keep this post short and spend the rest of the quality time with him. He has been a real gem, cooking yummy meals, cleaning and repairing a few things for me. I will miss him terribly after he leaves.
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Gary White said...

Great to see new posts from you. I keep wondering how you are getting along. Take care of yourself and soon I hope to see you back to being your former spunky self.

Tomorrow we fly to Madrid.

Ronni Bennett said...

So glad you're back at your keyboard, Darlene - even in short bursts, it's good to have you back.

Take it easy. We'll all still be here waiting for your next rant.

donna said...

I don't know, I like it when celebrities don't place themselves above others. He should've come.

It's been funny when we have high school reunions and the "famous" people show up. They're usually disappointed that nobody really cares, since they are busy catching up with old friends. Most of them mellowed out pretty well by the 30th, though...

Sylvia K said...

So good to have you back, sorry I've been late getting to your blog -- all the other blogs show up as soon as someone posts a new one, but for some reason your's doesn't. So I thought that even though I had heard from you, that perhaps you weren't ready to blog yet. Glad my curiosity got to me and I came to seek you out! And here you are! Fun read! And you can rant any time you want!

kenju said...

I can see the resemblance in his father. Thanks for sharing, Darlene, and enjoy your time with your son!

donna said...

Just got word today that my aunt has broken her pelvis and is in the hospital. I hope she can recover as well as you are, Darlene!

Steve Garfield said...

Nice photo! My mom sent me.

Darlene said...

Gary, have a safe flight and enjoy sunny Spain.

Ronni, Thank you for just everything.

Donna, It would have been nice if Kevin had shown up. Maybe he was on location and couldn't. I am so sorry to hear of your Aunt's broken pelvis. I do hope she mends quickly. It isn't a fun thing to have happen.

Sylvia, I will definitely be ranting soon.

Kenju, There is a Costner resemblance in all of the men.

Steve, Thank you for visiting. Your Mom and I met on Ronni's blog and I feel like I know her very well.
We share the same age. I also feel like I know you from reading your Mom's blog. You are a treasured son.

Grannymar said...

Darlene I am glad you are back among your virtual family.

Take good care of yourself and rest plenty!