Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunrise and Sunsets.

I want to congratulate our President on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I know he hasn't gotten rid of the nuclear weapons yet, or stopped Bush's wars in the Mid East, but for gosh sakes, you liberals, give the guy a break.  He is taking enough flak from the conservatives.  Do we on the left need to pile on more?  At least he has set the tone where peace can be accomplished if he would just get a little cooperation from his own party.  

Obama has restored our image in the world and  we can hold our heads up once more.  Our enemies will be more wary because they realize that we now have the rest of the world on our side again.  And the diplomacy that Obama is master of will go a lot further to achieving peace in the world than the "bring 'em on" cowboy strutting did.  

So it's sunrise in America again.  And it's sunset time in Arizona.  Here are a few that have occurred in the last few weeks.  The red sunset is very vivid, but it really wasn't quite that red.  I tried editing it, but when I did the color  washed out and I opted for the more colorful version. (This is the way it came out of my camera). It was a very red 'sailor's delight' sky.  

On the other hand, the middle picture below had pinker clouds and I was unable to get the color right on that one either.  I guess I will have to "spring" for Photoshop if I want a good editing program.  The other two are just the way they looked.

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joared said...

Yes, I think some of the gripers need to cut the President some slack. Seems so many just can't enjoy anything positive anymore without undercutting.

Lovely pictures, just as I recall those Arizona sunsets -- so colorful!
The photos look good to me, so perhaps you're too self-critical.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I couldn't agree with you more Darlene. Congratulations to President Obama is definitely in order. I agree with Joared...we all need to be looking at things with a positive perspective...not negatively. We simply need to come together and support this country....and our president.

I just love these pictures Darlene...they are beautiful...everyone of them. I could look at sunrises and sunsets forever.

Darlene said...

*Joared - Thank you for agreeing with me. Yes, I do tend to be self critical.

"Joy Des Jardins - Thank you, Joy. You are such a positive person I knew I could count on you to agree.

kenju said...

I agree, Darlene.

The photos are just sensational!

Anonymous said...

Obama has accomplished nothing!
--- giving the prize to him devalues it for the ones who truly deserve it..


marbur said...

I agree with you Darlene Pres. Obama did not seek the Nobel, he did however elevate America's standing in the world with hope for our future.Let's hope for the best.No matter what he does he is dammed, too bad there is so much hatred & downright revenge for his election. I am optimistic that he will prevail, his goals are lofty and in tune with a much needed fixing. Coming together would help.

One Woman's Journey said...

Darlene, your pictures are beautiful. I love sunsets.

Rain said...

Beautiful photos. I love Arizona skies especially during the monsoon season but off and on always.

And it is really irritating me about the right wing who wanted him to refuse it. They absolutely are out of it and next time will likely put up someone to further prove it. We should be proud of our country for choosing Obama and hope he lives up to the award. It is to the good of us all to look for peace

Anonymous said...

The photos are gorgeous!

As to the Nobel: I assume that Pres Obama did not nominate himself. It does reflect badly upon the nominating/awarding committee that they made such a political statement instead of choosing a person who had actually accomplished something toward world peace before being nominated. As Dena noted, the Nobel Peace Prize is devalued by their rash decision.

It hadn't occurred to me that Pres Obama had the option of declining the prize. I don't know what I would have done in his shoes. (As if!)

I'm hopeful that in the fullness of his years in office, and/or perhaps beyond, Pres Obama will live up to the award.
Cop Car

Darlene said...

*Kenju - Thank you, Judy, for your kind comment.

*Dena - Thank you for your visit. I am sure others deserved it more but five people made their decision and the prize will be donated to charity. True, Obama could have turned it down, but it was really an award to our country as well and I do not fault him for not doing so.

*Marbur - Thank you for your insight. I do think one of the saddest aspects of our time is the vitriolic name calling. We could accomplish so much together.

*One Woman's Journey - I do too.

*Rain - We are in total sync. Thank you.

*Cop Car - thank you so much for your pragmatic comment. By accepting the award, Obama has put himself in the position of having to fight for peace.

Friko said...
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Friko said...
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Friko said...

sorry, Darlene, something went wrong her.

I said:
Leave the guy alone to get on with things.
you re quite right, we've stopped making fun of an American President since Bush and his Bushisms have left the world stage. We wish President Obama well and hope that he is successful in his endeavours.
But that rather depends on you people in America.

Stop worrying about your beautiful sky scenes. I love them.
Now let's hope my comment gets posted without mishap this time.

Greetings from the UK

Looking to the Stars said...

Darlene, I felt the same way you did, that we can lift our heads up once more. I feel very proud that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He has accomplished a lot! He is the FIRST black President, he has been relentless in this job, meeting with all the heads in other countries extending our hand in friendship. A LOT of other countries hate our guts but he has shown them, that while he is in office, he will do his best to be fair and peaceful to them. Most of all, they TRUST him. This we have not had since the 1950's!


Love your pics, sweetie. You did a good job :)

Darlene said...

*Friko - I have had problems posting comments too. No apology is necessary. You are so right - We, the people of America, do need to do our part to help our president.

*Looking to the Stars - I agree that Obama has made us proud again. Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

Marylou said...

Beautiful sunsets...Let's hope our own are just as beautiful...And your comments about time speeding up as we slow down is something that even Einstein could not explain...thank you...

Claude said...

Fantastic sunsets!
And yes, congratulations to President Obama, may he live up to the world's expectations!

Darlene said...

*Marylou - I wish for you many beautiful sunsets.

*Claude - Thank you for your visit. We are all waiting to see if president Obama lives up to our expectations as well as the world's.