Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I love A Parade

Livermore is very proud of their Rodeo parade held once a year. I was fortunate to be there for this year's parade; doubly so because my granddaughter, Sarah, was Drum Major(ette) for her school band. If you look at my video you may catch a glimpse of her wearing a purple top and with a whistle in her mouth about half way into the video. She was not a happy camper because she had never rehearsed and didn't have a clue as to what she was supposed to do. I imagine she was selected because of her Color Guard performances. Poor girl.

Gail had purchased a walker that I could sit on and got me to the parade site two hours early so I could have a ring side seat across from the grandstand. I took more photos, but the ones on the video are what I consider the best. I wish that I owned a video cam because the horses were magnificent. There were many groups that rode horses that could dance. If you have ever seen the Lipizzaner horses perform you know the hoof movements. I tried to capture the steps of the horses in still photos. Be sure to notice the position of the hooves in the pictures. They single-footed and raised opposing hoofs on the front and back legs and were synchronized like the Rockettes. Once again I ask for your indulgence to click on the You Tube video for background music to the movie. You Old Timers will enjoy Bing Crosby's rendition of "I'm An Old Cowhand". The song was a fun piece composed by Hoagy Carmichael.

You might even enjoy taking to time to watch it first, because there is some lovely Western scenery on the video. Then click it again for the parade movie. And now on to the movies. Is your popcorn popped?

Okay - I give up. For three days I have spent almost every waking minute when I was home trying to post the video of the rodeo parade. I have run scans, reinstalled Adobe Flash, etc. to no avail. The d___ed thing just keeps trying to capture the video for hours. I guess the only way you are going to see it is to view the slide show from my web album. Please click on the pretty cowgirl.

Livermore Rodeo Parade


Joy Des Jardins said...

The Livermore Rodeo Parade was great Darlene. Lots of horses thats for sure. I did take special notice of the Lipizzaner horses and their synchronized hoof movements...very cool. And I saw Sarah in her purple outfit...whistle and all. She looked adorable. For a minute I thought I might have seen you in a couple of shots...a lovely lady in blue sitting on the sidelines...is that possible? I couldn't quite get the music and your pics to sync; but at least I got to see the pics; which is what really mattered. Thanks Darlene. ~Joy xo

Darlene said...

*Joy- Nope, that wasn't me. I was the lady behind the camera in all of those shots. I couldn't get the pics in the movie and had to settle for a slide show (that I couldn't paste on my blog either) so it's no wonder that nothing was synchronized. It's enough to make me throw the computer out the window. It really irks me to spend so much time on something and never get it right. Arrrgh!

Baino said...

Love the photos. One thing Americans really know how to do is put on a decent parade. I can't say I'm a great fan of rodeos but I am indeed a horse lover Some nice examples of horseflesh there for sure.

Darlene said...

*Baino - I don't like rodeos either. The abuse of the animals is horrifying. However, since my mother was the first queen of the rodeo (circa 1921) I do have to show some appreciation for it. Of course, she took excellent care of her horse and only rode him in the opening ceremony and the parade

Kay Dennison said...

Don't worry -- I'm techno-challenged, too. I did enjoy your stuff here and thought you did quite well. Sarah is lovely!

Lydia said...

I love a parade too but haven't been to a rodeo parade in decades. I enjoyed the video then looked at particular photos in the still shots for a longer view. Sarah looked like she was all business; I hope it will be a happy memory for her. Those are definitely some beautiful horses and I got a kick out of your comparison to the Rockettes! (I've seen the Lipizzaners and think they are special. )

Darlene said...

*Kay - Thank you. I will pass your compliment on to Sarah.

*Lydia - I am not sure Sarah will look back on that day with a happy memory. She was very upset because she wasn't prepared.

Friko said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time.
I've done as you asked and admired old Bing as well as
the Parade.

I am sorry i never see you over at mine anymore. have you tried complaining to Blogger.com?

Best wishes and good luck, Darlene.

Tabor said...

Re your note. I grew up in Estes Park and Berthoud!