Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lynne


Sixty one years ago last November I got married and was lucky enough to get a cute little 8 year old girl with deep dimples in the bargain.
I started married life with a ready made family and her name was Linda. After she was grown she started calling herself Lynne. The name is interchangeable for me.

Lynne was a Daddy's girl if there ever was one. Before we were married my husband-to-be, Wayne, was tickling me unmercifully and I was trying to fight back when I felt two little fists pounding on me and heard a voice saying, "Don't you hurt my Daddy." All that time I was thinking I was the victim. Ha Ha !! Wayne wisely stopped the horseplay at that point.

There are many endearing stories I can tell about Lynne. That same year the song, " Linda." was popular. When Linda heard it she wanted to know how they found out what her name was. Do you remember this song, Lynne? The recording is poor due to age, but it was the only one I could find on You Tube.

Linda was able to sleep through an earthquake. We lived in Wisconsin when we were first married. One below zero night Wayne and I took Linda to visit friends. They had an upstairs apartment. We put Linda down to sleep while we visited. When it was time to go I woke Linda, or so I thought. I put her shoes, coat and hat on. While we were thanking our hosts for a nice evening Lynne was walking down the stairs. When Wayne and I reached to bottom of the stairs there was no sign of Linda. I told Wayne that she was probably hiding around the corner to scare us. Linda was not there. Wayne finally spotted her about a half block away doggedly plodding down the street. Since she was going the wrong direction we had to get her and half carry her home between us. The next morning she asked me how she got home. She had apparently slept through the whole thing.

We used to go to supper clubs with our friends and, because money was tight and baby sitters too expensive, we took Linda with us. She would study the menu for an eternity while the poor wait person shifted from one foot to the other. It was exasperating and also very funny because she always ordered shrimp.

Our first Christmas we informed Linda that the first person to wake up Christmas morning was to yell, "Merry Christmas" and then we would all go together to see what Santa left under the tree. In the middle of the night (3 am, to be exact) a very excited voice woke us up with the Merry Christmas greeting. We had neglected to tell her that it had to be daylight before she could wake us.

Lynne, I hope you don't mind me telling these stories about you, but now that you are a great grandmother I am sure you will find them as heartwarming as I do.

Happy Birthday, Honey.


Rummuser said...

That is a very nice way to wish someone for her birthday. I have learnt a good lesson.

I send you both my best wishes for continued and long loving relationship that obviously currently exists in strong measure.

Darlene said...

*Rummuser - Our relationship is even stronger as we both age. Lynne is 70 years old today making us elders together.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Happy Birthday dear Lynne. What a nice post to honor her Darlene...and whata very sweet relationship you have with one another. ~Joy

Vagabonde said...

What a fun birthday post for Linda. She must have been quite a little girl. I did not know the song but my husband who was near me said he remembers it well. You are both lucky to have each other.

kenju said...

This is a nice memoir, Darlene, and I wish Lynne a very happy birthday!!

Darlene said...

*Joy - I will pass yur good wishes on to Lynne. I know she will appreciate them.

*Vagabonde - Lynne says she still remembers most of the words to the song, as do I.

*Kenju - I know Lynne will be happy to get your birthday wishes. Thank you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Another Happy Birthday to your special Lynne. Love the stories.
Special thoughts sent to you this very warm late afternoon.

Darlene said...

*One Woman's Journey - Thank you, Ernestine. Keep cool.