Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear Mr. President

Oh how I miss Windows.  I had a great cartoon that I wanted to post but my Mac laptop does not function like Windows and, although I am able to bring the cartoon up, I cannot find a way to post it.   Copy and paste do not work and the options for posting an image do not include the file where the cartoon is stored.  Arrgh!

I will continue with a rant sans humor.

Dear Mr. President:

This loyal constituent is depressed and fearful.  I knew that there would be a train wreck and I tried to be sanguine about the shellacking you took.  The pendulum swings back and forth in politics and the Democrats' loss was predicted.

The depression kicked in when I heard your conciliatory speech inviting the Republican leadership to the White House and when you went so far as to offer to wine and dine them I wanted to weep.  The nasty thought came to me that you should put a few drops of hemlock in the Republicans' brandy.  (Just kidding)

I am so afraid that you just don't get it.   The Republican leadership proudly boast that their goal in the next two years is to destroy the good you have done and limit you to a one term president.  They have made it crystal clear that the bipartisanship you seek is never going to happen.  

The Republicans shamefully do not give a damn about we, the people.  If they are allowed to further destroy the country during the next two years they can blame you and you will not serve another term.  That is the only goal they have.  It has been their goal from the beginning of your term in office.

Their answers to the country's problems are laughable.  They have no real plausible solutions to the economy or job creation.  All they can do is stop you.

It's time to play their game and the name of the game is hardball.  Take a page from their play book and learn how dirty politics wins.  Every time they lie you must use your bully pulpit to refute their deceit.  Don't let a single smear go unchallenged.  

The Republicans have the money and big corporations on their side.  They have the despicable  Faux Fox Network as their corrupt mouthpieces.  The best TV media for political  truth is MSNBC and you should use your Public Relations people to promote it.   Yes, the commentators on MSNBC lean left, but they do not lie.   The commentators on that channel can prove what they say, contrary to the entertainers on Fox who cry, spread fear and hatred with unprovable smears.  

You have two arrows in your quiver.  Your eloquence and your ability to inspire hope.  And the bully pulpit to make use of that ability.  Use them often. 

Your desire to be seen an a moderate and polite leader is perceived as weakness.  It is time to be bold.  Or as Sarah Palin so earthly put it, "Man up."  The people want a strong leader who isn't afraid to demand that Congress fulfill it's duties and stop maligning and dithering.  We want a leader who sounds convinced of his actions and strongly explains them.  Bold captures the day.

You must instruct your people to use every avenue available to you to explain how the Health Care Reform will impact on the lives of the people you govern.  You must not wait to do so.  They have been fed a bunch of crap lies and have been convinced that it's a very bad thing;  You know this.  Are you going to let it go unchallenged?  This is a time for every Democrat to stand up tall and refute the lies with the truth.

The same principle goes for the other good legislation passed during your presidency.   The people do not know about it and the timidity of the Democrats is discouraging.  A 'one or two time explanation' just won't cut it.  It must be repeatedly drummed into the heads of the naive.  Learn how that works from the tactics of Karl Rove.

You know that the Republicans do not have a clue as to how to get jobs back and that is why they have switched the subject to 
'that terrible health care plan'.  If asked what they would do about the economy they avoid answering.  When pressed they say they will retain the tax cuts for the wealthiest corporations and individuals.  How well did that work under George Bush?  
It helped create the defecit that they claim to despise.  

You know all of this Mr. President.  By now you should have learned how the game is played.   It isn't a college debate; it's down and dirty gutter fighting.  You are going to have to remain above the fray, but use your intellect to subtly fight fire with fire.

I remain your loyal admirer and hope that you will not let too much time lapse before you change your methods.  Once a lie takes hold it's very hard to refute.  I want to call you Mr. President for four more years.

I remain Respectfully Yours,



Jack Jodell said...

Your heartfelt letter is brilliant and I feel like I would have written every word myself exactly the same. This President MUST begin to stand up to the Republicans! He doesn't have to be nasty, but he does need to start standing his ground. All conciliatory speeches like he gave do is turn him into a punching bag, and, man, will the Republicans soon be pummeling him!

Obama should take an entire weekend off and immerse himself in videos and audio recordings of FDR and Truman speeches!

tnlib said...

Applause. Bravo. I hope you emailed it to the White House. Reid is already deserting the filiblustering effort.

Jack - I'd add LBJ to that list.

Darlene said...

*Jack Jodell - Thank you for your gracious compliment.

*tnlib - I didn't mail it to the White House, but after your kind words I think I will.

Darlene said...

*tnlib - I tried to send the entire letter on the form provided to contact the president. Unfortunately, my letter is too long and only the first part was sent. I did include my blog address, for what it's worth.

tnlib said...


joared said...

Very good letter, Darlene. (Print your letter and send it snail mail.)

Perhaps as these next two years evolve some of the current adm. accomplishments will be more strongly stressed by them and recognized by the voters.

Darlene said...

*Joaared - Thanks for the suggestion but I don't have the right cable to connect my laptop to my printer. Until I get a new PC or cable I am unable to print.

We can only hope.

rummuser said...

I use a Mac. What I do is to save the image to the desk top and insert from there. You can save it to anywhere else where you are comfortable and do it.

Darlene said...

*Rummuser - Thank you for the tip. But if 'Desktop' is not an option to import from, what do you do then?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Thia letter is too wonderful NOT to send to the White House Darlene. It says exactly what so many of us feel needs to be done....and done fast. Brilliant! ~Joy

Darlene said...

*Joy Des Jardins - Thank you.

Kay Dennison said...

I agree whole heartedly, Darlene!!!! I hope you either mail it or email it. It's time for some backbone and good old-fashioned kicka$$ Chicago-style politics which he HAS to know or he would have gotten his Senate seat.

Being a nice guy hasn't worked and it's time to expose these you-know-whats!

One Woman's Journey said...

Darlene, so proud of you for this letter from the heart.
You write the way - I wish I could.
Cannot keep the tears out of my eyes.

Friko said...

Poor Darlene, you and the liberals all. It looks gruesome from this end. Just tell yourself it's mid term blues.

I have been admiring your new picture, handsome girl you are.

As for posting a pic on your mac from elsewhere. drag it onto the desktop, then click on add image in the Blogger new post toolbar, choose the url from the desktop and it'll appear on the blog. Always works for me.

Darlene said...

*Kay - I guess it's time to Google the White House e-mail address. I can't print yet.

I read that someone who knows Obama says he is strong. Maybe being Mr. Nice Guy is an act. He certainly should know Chicago politics.

*One Woman's Journey - Please don't get teary on me. I don't want to make you cry.

*Friko - Handsome? Who moi? Thanks for saying so.

I have now been told three ways to post the cartoon. I hope I can manage to accomplish one of them.
Stay tuned.

rummuser said...

Save it to your "My documents" or the folder where you store all photographs and import from there. I suppose that mine works because I use a Wordpress platform.

jane said...

Totally agree with you. Am afraid he is just not "getting it". Wish he would call in Hillary and ask for her counsel. After all, she made him a much better candidate than he was on the road to becoming and it may be wise to put her on the ticket in '12. If anyone knows how the politics game is played, the Clintons do. I fear for our future when I hear and see how the TeaBaggers and Republicans conduct themselves. Did you notice that when the man stomped on the lady's head at the Paul rally that no one stepped in to pull him away or help her? Would
they have stood there and let him stomp her to death?
Please snail mail your letter to the White House. I think with e-mails all they have to do is hit the delete key, but with a real letter in hand, they have to handle it and probably for security reasons will read it through.
I don't know if Republicans have always been so nasty or if these deplorable tactics are the product of Lee Atwater's efforts. He wanted so badly to be somebody but all they would ever let him do was their dirty work.

Darlene said...

*jane - Thank you for some good comments. Not only did the onlookers fail to help the poor lady from the Move On, organization but the voters went on to elect Rand Paul in spite of it. Disgusting.

No, I don't think the Republicans were always this nasty, It really started getting ugly beginning with the Reagan era.

Ronni Bennett said...

Well done, Darlene - my sentiments too.

Darlene said...

*Ronni Bennett - Thank you.

Lydia said...

Couldn't agree with you more.
Couldn't have said it nearly as well.

Leon Barber said...

You really need to lay off the kool-aid. It is making you drunk with ignorance.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Yes, Obama is a puzzle. By the way, just to let you know: I believe Apple does not like people over 25 unless they've been using Macs since the beginning.

Darlene said...

*Naomi Dagen Bloom - I think you may be right. ;-)