Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bernie Sanders Exposes the Koch Brothers

Please read Ronni Bennet's blog post (Time Goes By) today on this subject and join in the the Town Hall tonight at 8:30 pm EST.   You will be able to ask questions.  Ronni provided a link on how to join.  However, when I followed the link there was a notice that the event was inactive.  You can, however, sign a petition to John Boehner at that site. 

This film was made by Brave New Films.

If you are unable to visit Ronni's blog here is the link for the Strengthen Social Security website.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we must mobilize and fight back if we want to retain the benefits of the past 80 years.   Only in solidarity can we win against the powerful forces now at play.

Following are a few excerpts from an New York Times editorial in this morning's paper.


Leading Republicans — after proposing to gut Medicare — are still trying to pose as the program’s saviors. How cynical can they get?

~~~~ Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota warned that health care reform will take $500 billion out of Medicare and harm “senior citizens who have the most to lose.”  ~~~

Rick Santorum, , raised the old — and discredited — bugaboo that the Democratic reforms would lead to “rationing of care from the top down.”

After enthusiastically embracing Representative Paul Ryan’s proposal to eventually turn Medicare into a voucher program — with the government providing a subsidy to buy private health insurance — they backed away when voters made clear that they hated the idea.

 ~~~~Tim Pawlenty, said he would modify Mr. Ryan’s approach to retain traditional Medicare as an option, and Mr. Ryan later said he was open to the idea. The Republicans have not dropped the claim that privatizing Medicare would be more efficient.

That has certainly not been the case with private Medicare Advantage plans, which cost, on average, 10 percent more than the same services would cost in traditional fee-for-service Medicare. Over sustained periods, Medicare spending per beneficiary has also risen more slowly than private health insurance premiums.

The Ryan plan would save the government money primarily by shifting costs to beneficiaries. Nobody at the debate mentioned that.

Arrgh !!   I just received a robo call from Mike Huckabee asking me if he had my permission to repeal the Obama Health Care Law.  My blood pressure is through the roof.  I almost broke the handset on my phone when I slammed it down.



naomi dagen bloom said...

Darlene, Had seen TGB post about this and your comment. Learned about the issue last week from Firedoglake site. Just had an experience with AARP providing excellent program around "Walkability" here in Portland. Probably will have to work with them to get it repeated since they have the money...and who else is speaking for SOME of our issues?

Was it back in the 90s that I tore up my membership card? Thanks for posting. Watching Obama tonight about Afghanistan too.

Anne said...

I am in awe of your ability to keep up the fight. I am almost ready to give up. The Republicans and their allies seem bent on wrecking everything good about this country. But I keep on signing petitions and sending money to places I think might help resist the inexorable push towards disaster. Sigh!

Darlene said...

*Naomi Dagen Bloom - AARP does do some good things for elders and they do have the clout, but they should go back to their roots and stop selling insurance, etc.

* Ane - I do get tired of fighting and then the R's make me so mad I have to get in the ring again.

Darlene said...

*Anne - sorry, my finger slipped on the 'n' in your name and it didn't get published. I think I have it right now.

Vagabonde said...

I was in Paris for three weeks and it was so nice not to see a politician on TV, at least not a US one. I did see Sarkozy, the French President once on TV – I don’t like him, he is from the conservative party in France, and people there don’t like him either - he has a 30% approval rating. I really don’t know what will happen to the US in the long run – I am afraid for my children frankly. My daughter in California lost her job in February 2010 and she is still looking.

Kay Dennison said...

Unlike Naomi, I have no trust in AARP any longer.

Bernie Sanders is my hero.

Like you, I tell the callers where to go and to stay there. Hell will freeze before they get my vote!

I am very afraid for this country.

Darlene said...

*Vagabonde - I'm afraid the trouble in universal. No country is out of the woods yet, but we really have more than out share of incredibly nutty politicians.

*Kay - We are singing the same song. I do admit that no other organization has the clout that AARP has in Washington. I am so disappointed in them now.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Okay, Darlene and Kay, you are both in the same place as myself. But who DOES speak for us, how can we lean on AARP? It seems we have said it is not possible. And yet, when I have blogged about Grandmothers against the War, about reviving Gray Panthers in their 1970s form, the none-response is deafening.

Is there an alternative when we get older and older, have less engergy? Just like you, I'm scared about what is going on and wonder if we can use this org toward our own ends.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Good post Darlene...

That robo call? My God how I hate those....they infuriate me. That one was particularly maddening.

Darlene said...

*Naomi - I can't remember who made the suggestion, but someone thought it would be a good idea to cancel their AARP membership by writing a letter to them telling them why and suggesting that they get back to being an advocate for elders.

I don't have the energy to organize a local protest group, but maybe we can lean on our children and grandchildren telling them why it's important to make their voices heard. Unfortunately, the silence becomes deafening as you said.

*Joy - I was steaming when I slammed the phone down. I don't need the aggravation.

Nance said...

I missed that post of Ronni's and thank you for the pointer! I love sending letters to politicians who don't want to hear from me; I figure it keeps their staff busy and gives the lie to all that "mandate" business.

Darlene said...

*Nance - On my next post you will read the text of Bernie Sanders speech on the House floor. I read it and sent a letter to the President. I also enjoy writing letters and it keeps my adrenalin flowing.