Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dead DoDo Bird - My PC

Life is never simple, is it?  That's especially true in this electronic age.  I just had my 5th computer crash with my old Gateway PC.  It died for good this time.  It has been back to the factory twice, had a new hard drive installed once and was restored with just doing a full restore once.   Each time I lost some, or all, of my records.  I am obviously either a very slow learner or a glutton for punishment.  Take your pick.   Each time I vowed to buy external storage and then put it off.  When I buy another computer I will add external storage to my purchase.  I may be slow, but I do learn eventually.

I do not have time to spend on the computer now.  If I have to reprogram a new machine with all of the things I consider essential to my computer viewing it will take days.

This came at a very bad time for me as I recently purchased a VHS/DVD recorder and I have stacks of old tapes to put on disks.  I found the learning curve to record on this frustrating machine to be very difficult.  I have spent one whole week ruining disk after disk thinking I was recording, only to find that I recorded a blank screen.  Much of my wasted time has been with Tech support and with tearing my old white hair out.
I have yet to record a disk on my own, but my guru came over last evening and managed to make the stupid machine work.  I plan on repeating the steps he used and get started with this project. I had hoped to make disks of old movies for my children and grandchildren for Christmas presents. It takes hours to record each disk so I may not accomplish the task at hand, but if I do I will not have any time to spend on the computer.  Incidentally, I will not be shopping for a new one soon.  

Meanwhile I am able to use my laptop and I will try to keep up with what is happening in the wide world as well as with your world.  Please forgive me if I do not comment often or write a post in a timely fashion.
If you hear a loud scream you will know that I am still having trouble recording.  Do not worry if you do not hear from me after that.    I will either have thrown the recorder out the window or someone will have shipped me off to the asylum where all of the Tea Party candidates running for the Republican nomination belong.


Friko said...

ok, I don't mind if they ship you to the Tea Party Asylum, just so long as you don't join them.

I know a lot of 80 yr olds here in my village, and they'd give their eye-teeth to be as computer literate as you are.

Don't despair.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Plugging for you (if that's the right term), Darlene. Know you'll get past this one.

Anonymous said...

Darlene--Please, please do not assault our tender ears with screams. If you must scream, do it hypersonically.
I am so sorry about your problems with your desk PC, but am happy that you have a laptop PC that fills in nicely.
Good luck on your Christmas project. Hunky Husband gave me a machine, in 2005, that is supposed to allow one to put vinyl records or audio tapes on CDs. Because I was extremely busy for the next 13 months, by the time I got around to trying it, the warranty had expired. Of course, it does not work right (or, I assume it hasn't fixed itself since I tried it in 2006). The setting that limits the "inward" travel of the tone arm as a vinyl record is played, is incorrectly set (and, of course, they have made it virtually impossible to get to the guts of the thing).
If we only lived closer to one another, I could bring over a bottle of wine to your house and we could cry on one anothers' shoulders.
Cop Car

Darlene said...

*Friko - That will never happen. The Tea Party isn't my cup of tea.

* naomi dagen bloom - Thanks for the vote of confidence.

* Cop Car - Oh, I thought you were going to offer me cheese with my whine. ;-) I also wish we lived closer so we could have a pity party.

I also have the LP to CD machine. I started that project a very long time ago, got sidetracked and have only recorded one disk. Sigh!

Unfortunately, my laptop is a MAC so my Windows programs were not installed in it.

Nancy said...

Well, Darlene, I'll know for sure if you have joined up with the "Tea baggers" if I see their signs are suddenly well written, make a bit of sense, and the words are spelled correctly.

That will definitely be my first clue!

Jack Jodell said...

Very sorry to hear about your misfortune. Those crashes can be devastating. But I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the software updates and improvements you'll get with your new computer. Meanwhile, keep fighting the good fight the best that you can and good luck with the new DVD recorder!

RONW said...

on the Internet, no one can hear you scream. LoL. Everybody does it though from computer issues. And Gateway?!

Darlene said...

*Nancy - A giggle and a thank you.

*Jack Jodell - My new VHS/DVD is another sob story. I finally mastered the art of recording only to find out the finished disk will not play on other machines. Arrrgh!

+RONW - Yeah! Gateway; bah !!! Humbug!!! It serves me right for buying a PC by price and not ratings. Next time I will read all the revues before making my selection.

RONW said...

Nothing wrong with Gateway. I just didn't realize they were still around. I had thought they disappeared eons ago. Just googled and indeed Gateway is still in business.

Grace InAZ said...

I have also crashed my computer a couple of times and lost most everything. And, like you, I have put off buying external storage. After reading this, I believe I will add it to my shopping list today! I am a new follower here. I hope you'll visit my blog and follow me, too. By the way, we are nearly neighbors...I live in Sierra Vista. Hugs, GraceinAZ
Growing Old With Grace

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh good lord...these computers are killing us all s l o w l y....bit by bit. Good luck with your project Darlene...and if you DO wind up in an asylum and run into any 'teabaggers,' I think you can hold your own. ~Joy

Darlene said...

*RonW - I will never buy another Gateway after my experience with this one. It just takes one lemon to sour me.

*Grace InAZ - Welcome aboard. Thank you for your visit and I do hope you'll return.

How nice that we're neighbors. The next time you are going to be in Tucson please stop by. My e-mail is: I will be looking forward to the news that you can visit and will visit your blog soon.

*Joy Des Jardins - It might be fun to take out my frustration on a few Tea Baggers, but they might shoot me.

Anonymous said...

Joy DJ--I'm growning over your "bit by bit" comment. Ever the punster, aren't you! *grinning*
Cop Car

Anonymous said...

All--And you may groan over my poor keyboarding!

Darlene said...

*CC - I would add to Joy's comment that computers die byte by byte.

Anonymous said...

Darlene--I'm rolling around on the floor in agony. Thanks!

Hattie said...

Take a step back, draw a deep breath, and SCREAM! Feel better?

Darlene said...

*Cop Car - Aw gee, I didn't mean to take you to the mat. You can get up now.

*Hattie - Did you hear me? I do feel much better, thank you.

Rummuser said...

Time for an obit?

“Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man, without his Vices. This Praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute to the Memory of my personal computer.”
Hijacked from - George Gordon, Lord Byron, “Inscription on the Monument of a Newfoundland Dog”

Darlene said...

*Rummuser - I'm glad to see you are feeling like commenting again. I hope the healing is progressing rapidly.

The obit for my dead computer is fine with the exception of "without his vices" part. My computer harbored an evil demon that kept giving me all sorts of problems. I just hope that elf or demon doesn't jump to a new computer once I get one.

Freda said...

Just wanted to say that your recordings will make wonderful presents for the family - you are giving them the gift of time and memories.