Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cactus Blooms

Cactus blooms don't last long, but they put on a grand show while they do. This is a Cholla (choy-ya). A fuzzy variety is nicknamed a Teddy Bear Cactus.

This is an Ocotillo (0ck-0h-tea-ya) and is quite tall. It usually blooms in May.

The final one is my favorite. I think it's a hedge hog, but am not sure. It is in a neighbor's yard and I want one in mine.

This will be a short post because I am working on my Sunday rant on politics.
Sorry about the hieroglyphics in yesterday's post. I don't know what happened or how to fix it. Will I ever learn?
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Anonymous said...

What great cacti photos. Once upon a time in Albuquerque I made prickly pear jelly from blossoms. Seeing those Ocotillo so green tells me Tucson must be having some good rain. My son and family live there and I have seen the ocotillo when the stalks have been pretty brown. Loved you Grand Canyon photos too--you're a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous?? I meant to leave my name--Nana

Nancy said...

Dear Darlene,

Such a difference 2,500 miles makes in the flora and fauna of an area.

Here in Pennsylvania Spring brings Daylilies and tulips and hibiscus.

They are usually blue and yellow and pink. Your cacti is gorgeous in a whole other way.

I love the ocotillo and the hedge hog,too. Very beautiful!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could trade every other year?You could have the tulips and daylilies one year and I would have the ocotillo and hedge hog the next....

It would be Camelot!!!

Darlene said...

Thank you Nana and Nancy. Each spot has it's own beauty.

I do wish we could trade, Nancy. I miss lilacs and jonquils. We do have hibiscus here, Nancy, but it is usually red. I had one in my former back yard and it did well.