Saturday, July 26, 2008

The World Renowned Desert Museum

Well it happened again. I had this photo on the original post, but before I could publish the post it just vanished. Arrrrgh! Who knew it would be so hard and frustrating?

After spending the entire day trying to solve the problem of how to add this photo to the post that follows, I am giving up. I have read every help feature I can find and nothing works. I haven't resorted to throwing the computer out the window yet, but I am getting close. ~;-)

I will start today's entry with this photo and will continue on the following post. Please add any comments to the second post. Just consider them all one post.

This was taken at the Desert Museum and is of a lecture
and demonstration being given by a Docent on Falconry . You can see some of the Tucson Mountain Range behind him and you can notice some of the cactus and desert vegetation.

My camera battery was so low when I took this shot it seemed like an eternity before the shutter clicked. It's a miracle I got a photo at all

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