Friday, January 23, 2009

What a difference a day makes. We not only have a complete turn around from the secretive, lawless previous administration, but we have hope for the first time in eight years. It is like the sun shining through the clouds after a rain storm. President Obama is wasting no time in overturning the directives of the Bush era and changing the whole atmosphere of government.

I hope the Administration's luck
has been better this week than mine has. The 'know it alls' are already critiquing his actions and I am happy to say that I think this man, Barack Obama, is so sure of himself that the naysayers comments will not have a negative influence on him. He is capable of ignoring contrary information unless it has merit; then he is wise enough to listen. That's a rare attribute and one that will stand him in good stead.

A day made a difference in my life also. My step-daughter, Lynne was due to arrive for a week of fun and chatting. Unfortunately, she baby sat her youngest grandchildren and the boy, Mason, had a cold. Sadly, Lynne came down with it a day before she was to leave. We both thought it prudent for her to delay her trip. We were both disappointed, of course, but I think we made the right decision.

(Lynne is the one on the left of the first photo and, of course the one wearing a jacket is me. It seems that I am always cold when I leave the Arizona sun. They kid me a lot in California.)'

(The second photo is of the grandchildren Lynne took care of. Mason, the baby, is the culprit who gave Lynne the gift of a cold. How could such a sweet innocent child do that to his grandmother? Maddie, his sister, is about to kiss him. In later years I am sure she will not get away with that. )

Our weather had been beautiful with temperatures reaching 80 degrees in the afternoon. Yesterday it all changed. We had rain off and on all day and this morning is no different. It is only 60 degrees now and probably won't get better. Maybe fate had a hand in Lynne having to delay her trip.

I spent most of yesterday trying to solve a computer glitch that prevented me from seeing my e-mail. I had a doctor appointment and had to leave the problem for a few hours. Upon returning home I tackled the situation again and finally achieved success. I am now a day behind in reading my blogs. Arrrgh!

I have another computer problem that I wish one of you tech savvy people could help me with. I have been informed that the link to my blog doesn't work. I have done everything I can think of to solve this problem, but apparently my efforts have been wasted. Aren't computers so much fun? ~: ( .

This is 'finis' on today's ramblings. Maybe I will be more inspired the next day. As Scarlett said, "I will think about that tomorrow."

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One Woman's Journey said...

Darlene, sorry your daughter had to delay her trip. But you surely do not need a cold and she needs to be well. Computer problems - I am no help. I am still learning. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you fondly.

Sylvia K said...

I use Scarlett's words quite frequently these days! I too am so proud of Obama! And I'm sorry about the delay in your daughter's visit, hope she gets well and there soon. I wish I had an answer for your computer problem, maybe if I was there I could help you figure it out, but not from a distance, I'm afraid. Take care, hope you get your nice weather back soon. Have a good weekend!

Joared said...

Not sure what you mean by the "link to my blog not working" 'cause wouldn't the link simply be your URL? That's what I used to get here and had no difficulty. I'm still battling internet connectivity problems with no end in sight for at least another month or so.

Thanks for your recent comment. Sorry I haven't been able to visit more often. You prompted my most recent piece.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm sorry for the delay in your visit with Lynne; but I guess it's better to be safe than sorry Darlene. Speaking from just getting over a very rare two week cold from my grandchildren over the holidays. The last thing you would need right now is to be nursing a cold too. Your visit with Lynne will come in good time.

Don't let your computer problems get you down sweetie....they hit us all sooner or later. And unless we're 'techies'...we all tend to panic and stress-out over included. Much love, Joy

Anonymous said...

Which link, where? There must be many links to your blog so one must know where to start. If the comment was from a reader, I suspect that s/he has a corrupted cooky. Send your URL to them in an email and ask them to replace your link in their "favorites" or "bookmark". Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you. *laughin*
Cop Car

kenju said...

80*? I am so jealous!!

Very cute kids, Darlene!

Granny Annie said...

I certainly hope you do not have the horrible virus that is in my computer. I have done all I can do and will have to completely reinstall my Windows XP and all the drivers if I can't cure it otherwise. Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!

Darlene said...

Evelyn, Sylvia,Jo Ann,and Joy. Thank you for your kind comments.

Cop Car and Kenju, To be honest, I am not sure what she is talking about either. I assumed it might be on her blog roll. Someone wrote and told me my URL left off the last "m" on com so I am not sure where that link is.

Grannie Annie, I installed a new anti-virus program that finally isolated the virus, but my computer kept having problems caused by McAfee trying to embed itself and conflicting with the other virus program that it made me crazy. In desperation I completely reinstalled Windows XP and am now having to reinstall all of my programs. Guess what? I have McAfee again and even though I removed it, it is still there. Arrgh!