Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fairbanks Ice Festival and a Ha Ha

From the ridiculous to the sublime.  The photo of the 'Supremes' says it all.

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Sculptures are always amazing, but when the artist uses a medium that won't last I am awed by the care they give to an impermanent work of art. 

No medium seems too far fetched for the sculptor.  Pictures of sculptures made of sand, vegetables, pumpkins, bales of hay and others appear in our e-mails with regularity.  When I get photos of these I wonder how the artists must feel when their sculpture disintegrates or melts away.  So much effort is put into the 
details and I think it would break my heart to see it vanish before my eyes.

Many of you have probably seen ice sculptures at banquets or weddings, but they are usually something simple like a Swan. Thank goodness for the camera that enables these works of art to be shared and preserved for future viewing.     


kenju said...

Those are just magnificent! I would hate to see them melt, too.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Those ice sculptures are just beautiful. I do appreciate the incredible artistry and talent of some people. I'd love to create something like that.

The THAT'S funny!

Hope you're having a nice weekend Darlene...Hugs, Joy

tnlib said...

Those ice and snow sculptures are absolutely exquisite. I can't imagine taking all the time it took to create those - only to have them melt away on the first sunny day. Even if I could, I don't think I would. Thank you for posting them.