Monday, March 29, 2010

The Saga Continues

Yesterday I returned from my second root canal on the same tooth. It turns out that the need for a specialist was due to calcium build up in the canal. Now why doesn't that happen in my bones? Like calcium build up on a leaky faucet, age has done its dirty work on me.

Woe is me! I am not through yet. I have to go back next week for the third procedure in the same tooth. The dentist cleaned out two canals but there is one more to go. After that I have to return to my regular dentist for a permanent filling. I am so sick of soup !!!

A friend sent me a link to the following poem. I do hope I am not infringing on copyrighted material because I could not find an e-mail for Pam Ayres to ask her for permission to print this copy. If you don't hear from me for a week, puhleeze come bail me out of the hoosegow.



by Pam Ayres

Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth,
And spotted the perils beneath,
All the toffees I chewed,
And the sweet sticky food,
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth.

I wish I'd been that much more willin'
When I had more tooth there than fillin'
To pass up gobstoppers,
From respect to me choppers
And to buy something else with me shillin'.

When I think of the lollies I licked,
And the liquorice allsorts I picked,
Sherbet dabs, big and little,
All that hard peanut brittle,
My conscience gets horribly pricked.

My Mother, she told me no end,
"If you got a tooth, you got a friend"
I was young then, and careless,
My toothbrush was hairless,
I never had much time to spend.

Oh I showed them the toothpaste all right,
I flashed it about late at night,
But up-and-down brushin'
And pokin' and fussin'
Didn't seem worth the time... I could bite!

If I'd known I was paving the way,
To cavities, caps and decay,
The murder of fiIlin's
Injections and drillin's
I'd have thrown all me sherbet away.

So I lay in the old dentist's chair,
And I gaze up his nose in despair,
And his drill it do whine,
In these molars of mine,
"Two amalgum," he'll say, "for in there."

How I laughed at my Mother's false teeth,
As they foamed in the waters beneath,
But now comes the reckonin'
It's me they are beckonin'
Oh, I wish I'd looked after me teeth.


If you would like to read more of Pam Ayres comic poetry please click on the link. She also has books for sale on Amazon.

Pam, if you see this please send me permission and don't prosecute me.

As if my dental problems weren't enough to deal with, insult was added to injury last week. I have had an appointment for my annual physical for months. I arranged for a ride to and from the appointment and was so ready to get it all over with. We walked into the doctor's office and there was no one in the waiting room. Red flags went up; something was wrong. You guessed it; the doctor was not in. My physician must not be good at healing himself because he was home sick.

A new girl behind the safety glass said they tried to reach me to tell me that I didn't need to come in. I told her I found that to be odd because I was home all morning. The most charitable thing I can say is that she didn't try very hard. The most uncharitable action I can take is complaining to my doctor. You can bet he is going to hear about it.

Well, we all have our bad days and if I can't rant about politics I need to rant about something. Now that it's out of my system, I feel better. I hope I haven't made you feel worse in the process.

I used to have a quick temper and after I blew up I was fine. I never could understand why everyone else was angry afterwards. ;-) One day my husband, who used to kid me out of my childish displays, was in no mood to tolerate my temper. He fired back, much to my surprise. I decided then and there that I needed to grow up and control my emotions better. I'm still trying.

To be continued:


20th Century Woman said...

I wish I were there with you to have a glass of wine and just exchange bits of woe over growing old.

Hang in there, my friend. My mother used to say that she just looked forward to the next good thing (whatever it might be) if nothing in the present looked good.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Darlene, keep that stiff upper lip. Our teeth can be a trial.
Cop Car

Joy Des Jardins said...

I just love Pam's poem..what a riot. Oh the woes of dental problems Darlene...I hope all goes well with your last visit and you'll be done for a very long time. It's no fun having to go back several's just always hanging over your head until you're done. Good luck sweetie. ~Joy

Kay Dennison said...


Venting is good for you!!! I'll listen!!!!

Darlene said...

*20th Century Woman - I wish you were too.

Your mother was a wise woman.

*Cop Car - Instead of a stiff upper lip I have a numb one that is sore. ;-).

Joy Des Jardins - You are so right. I just want it to be over. Thank you for the good luck wishes. This, too, shall pass.

kenju said...

I could have written that poem!! Hope your tooth is better soon.

Darlene said...

Kenju - Me too.

la peregrina said...

What a big P-A-I-N, Darlene, in so many ways.

Darlene said...

*la peregrina - You got that right. ;-)

Vagabonde said...

That is a witty poem. Three root canals! I feel for you, dear. I don’t think I ever had one done – don’t you get them on the wisdom teeth? I still have all mine fortunately, but I have had fillings and I am sure root canals must be a lot more painful. Hope you will soon be OK.

Xtreme English said...

i wish i'd looked after ME teeth, too. i lost the fookers t'other week. i have the bottom denture who is mostly useless; it's the top one with one measly fake tooth that kept me from looking like a jackolantern. ah, god....i'll pound anyone who says getting old is hell, but it does have its moments. wot i dislike about it is that i know for certain i'll never live ANOTHER 73 years. so...

One Woman's Journey said...

Darlene - sorry you have to go through all of this. Think of you daily and enjoy what you send me.
You were one of the first to encourage and welcome me when I started my journal almost 2 years ago.
My teeth have always been good - but - now with dry mouth and Sjogrens - I am beginning to have problems. Guess I am fortunate it waited until in the 70's.

Darlene said...

*Vagabonde - Thank you for your sympathy. Actually, a root canal isn't any more painful than a filling; it just takes longer. And you do have the feeling of helplessness when they place a laytex square over your mouth.

*Xtreme English - You can empathize with Ronni Bennett, can't you?

*One Woman's Journey - I never heard of Sjorgens. It doesn't sound very pleasant. I guess we all have something if we live long enough. Thanks for your concern.

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