Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guns, Guns and More Mayhem

It has been quite a while since I climbed up on my soapbox to rant about guns.  Tucson has not forgotten the carnage that happened here after a deranged young man was able to buy a gun and ammunition clips with ease when he should have been prevented from doing so if our broken  background check system had been fixed.   

This is from the post from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Did you know that 34 Americans are murdered with guns every day?

The recent shooting in Tucson is another tragic reminder of how easy it is for dangerous people to get their hands on guns.

Our gun laws are designed to prevent felons, the mentally ill, and drug abusers from purchasing guns. But the background check system is broken, and loopholes in the law allows criminals to buy guns with no questions asked

Please join me in sending a message to Congress to Fix Gun Checks:

How many of these disasters do we have to endure before the U. S,  uses some common sense?  How long do our legislators have to carry the water for the NRA before they show some spine?  
Mayors Against Illegal Guns are trying to change the equation.  So far it's been NRA 100% - Citizens 0.

I signed a petition for better gun registration laws.  If you agree that we need to do something please sign  the petition for sensible gun laws.  Click on the link.  Petition to fix gun checks


Kay Dennison said...

Sanity has left the building. I don't know this country amymore.

Nancy said...

Good for you, Darlene, for keeping this absurd gun law (Or absurd non gun law) before the public.

I hope they get thousands of signatures on the petition. It is in the best interest of our country and it's citizens do a much better background check on gun purchasers.

I'm going to sign it right now!

Vagabonde said...

It is a very violent country. You know Darlene people are like that here – they don’t mind seeing someone shot on TV or even corpses full of blood but if anyone shows half a nipple like in a football show they scream outrage. It has always surprised me.

Friko said...

We hear about mass murder by gun when these things happen. It strikes me that so often the perpetrator is neither mad, a criminal nor a drug user, but an ordinary student from an ordinary family.

Get rid of the freedom to own guns for everyone, I say.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Bravo to you Darlene. I hate guns and have long ago wished they were illegal to own. I certainly don't want them in the hands of just 'anyone.' With the horrendous crimes we've all seen by people who own guns...this really should be a no-brainer. Sad.

Darlene said...

*Kay Dennison - I don't either and I have been around a long time.

*Nancy - Thank you.

"Vagabonde - The absurdity is unexplainable. Some say it goes back to the Puritanical mind set. Logic is sadly missing in our country.

*Friko - I am with you, but it will never happen here. The NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington.

* Joy Des Jardins. You have to first have a brain to see a 'no brainer'. Sadly, we have a nation of half brainers.

Looking to the Stars said...

We don't own guns, odds are if you own a gun and have it in your house, you will be killed by it.

Believe it or not, back when this country was started, the guns were kept in a shed that the law officer had to a key to. People did not have guns in their homes if they lived in a town.

tnlib said...

I'm on their email list and had already signed. Good for you. I hate the damn things and see no legitimate reason for having them except for sport, if that's your preference.

taio said...


Nance said...

Thank you, Darlene. I've signed and shared on FB.

As I look for places to move to around the country, Tucson offers me so much--but its current leadership and its politics, which are abhorrent to me. When I see rational Tucsonans gather for this cause, it gives me hope that the direction there could change.

Yesterday, the memorial to Christina-Taylor was erected in the newly-named Green Field. My friend, Suzi Hileman, was interviewed on CNN, telling the story once again. I count on you, too, to keep this story fresh for us. It points to so many issues where we've failed our citizens.