Sunday, March 13, 2011

This and That

It's about time that I changed my post.  I know, I am very slow and I do apologize for not being more efficient.   Because I have so many things to write about I just throw up my hands and give up in exasperation.

I do want you to know that I read as many of your posts as I can, but I am now a lurker and do not always have time to comment.  So sorry.

Instead of writing a lengthy post on one of the many terrible things that are going on, I will touch on a few of them.

Aside from the human tragedy in Japan the Nuclear situation is dire.  It makes me realize that we need to start fighting for a nuclear free world again.  They still don't have a solution on  how to store the waste material.  Why are we not spending all of our energy dollars on developing alternate energy?  

Solar and wind are free, but, like the preacher said about giving money to the Church, "Water is free, but it takes money to pipe it to you."  So there can be the profit motive to inspire the scientists to figure it all out and for the big industries to develop the windmills and panels.

Then there's Libya.  The hawks are trying to get us in another Mid-east  war by imposing a 'no fly' zone.  Of course that is not a simple solution either, because the first thing you have to do is destroy Qaddafi's planes and, guess what, you are in another war.

Then there's Wisconsin.  In spite of the stupid Republicans forcing their will on the people, I think the people will ultimately win this one. It's not going away.  The Union guys just withdrew a total of $200,000  from a bank that does business with the Koch brothers.  Good for them; hit them in the pocket book, say I. 

Then there's the budget battle in D. C.  I am ready to scream over the sheer stupidity of the cuts they are proposing.  There are too many to go into so I will just say, I hope cooler and smarter heads prevail.

And last, here are more giggles.  It may be a while before I post again as life has really gotten in the way big time. 

Bumper stickers for Elders.



Rain said...

Yeah a lot going on. One thought I had with these dictators like Ghadaffi is that they have nowhere to go if they give up. The situation is such that he either fights to the death or faces being arrested, tried and executed. It's a problem as nobody wants to see them get away with what they have done and yet Bush did here. I don't know an answer to it but can see why he's doing what he is and until we can come up with another way that isn't like what happened with Hussein or likely will with Mubarak, it's doomed to go to a violent end.

The other thing is neither wind nor solar are without cost; so the big energy companies can make money with it. It's just getting us off fossil fuels that seems so important to me and without nuclear plants which have this risk as anywhere you can think of putting one, earthquakes are possible and the meltdown without water to cool would be inevitable. Oregon banned them until they come up with a way to deal with the waste but there's always pressure to build more. They have a short lifespan though, at least all the older ones like the only one we had which is now mothballed or whatever the proper name is for not using it anymore but having to have it sitting there forever.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Life does have a way of intruding our our blogging lives, doesn't it Darlene? Sometimes I'm forces to become a lurker too...and I feel badly about that.

By the way, I couldn't see any of the bumper stickers you posted...they never showed up. Have a good week....and I hope things slow down for you. ~Joy

joared said...

Yes, so many issues that seem to be going awry that we don't lack for topics to write about.

I can appreciate life taking precedence over writing here. Think we all experience such times.

I didn't see your bumper stickers either.

rummuser said...

No bumper stickers on my screen too!

Darlene said...

*Rain - The end in Libya will be violent, no matter how it ends.

Ultimately, we will have to change to green energy, but why not sooner than later? You are right.

*Joy - I will send you the bumper stickers vie e mail. I don't know why this happens.

*Joared and Rummuser - Darn - I will try to repost the bumper stickers.