Thursday, June 28, 2012

We won !!!

John Roberts must have realized how he would be perceived in the history books because he voted with the liberal branch of SCOTUS and now there is no doubt that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional.  The one exception was the provision expanding Medicaid.  It is up to the states on how they will, or will not, implement this provision.  Because I was a trifle confused over this I went to my search engine and found the following explanation.

The provision in question expands eligibility for Medicaid to all people under the age of 65 who live below 133 percent of the poverty line, according to Bloomberg. If states did not comply with extending Medicaid, the provision threatened them with withdrawing all Medicaid funding.

The court ruled that states which do not expand eligibility will only have to forgo federal funds which are meant for the expansion, not all Medicaid funds.
The SCOTUS blog said, "On that question, the Court held that the provision is constitutional as long as states would only lose new funds if they didn't comply with the new requirements, rather than all of their funding."

Essentially, the justices voted to leave it up to states on whether they wanted to participate in the Medicaid expansion program, said PBS NewsHour.

More on GlobalPost: 
"About half of the people who are expected to gain coverage under the Affordable Care Act gain it through the Medicaid program," said Alan Weil, the executive director of the National Academy for State Health Policy, according to NPR. "So this is not a small change to Medicaid, and it's also not a small part of the Affordable Care Act.

The Medicaid provision of the law would expand health care to an estimated 17 million more people over the next 10 years, according to NPR

The right wing have wasted no time preparing to repeal the act.  I just got a robo-call telling me how ACA was going to bankrupt the nation.  At that point I hung up so I don't know what other lies it contained.  Strange, the Republicans are the only ones in my city using robo-calls, but I have gotten 5 telling me how great Romney is.  Grrrrr!!!  I take a small amount of pleasure hanging up on them.  The PAC money is in full swing.  Thank you Karl Rove (not).

After the election we must all start working to improve ACA and fight for a single payer system.  The bloated insurance companies have no business in health care and the only way to reverse the monetary health care crisis the country is suffering from is to get rid of them and their rapidly rising premiums.   Too many people will still be left without insurance until a single payer system is enacted. 

After Scalia's disgusting rant we must elect Obama again for two very important reasons.  Romney has vowed to repeal ACA.  This must not happen.  And the next president will probably get to nominate 2 new Justices.  We must not have any more Allitos, Thomas or Scalias on the court. 


Hattie said...

I wasn't aware of the Medicaid change. But I guess we cant have it all but must continue to push for improvements.

Anonymous said...

At least one pundit thinks that Justice Roberts made a concession on this vote to give him firmer standing for votes on issues that are before the court but not yet decided. I would like to think that he ruled on merits.
Cop Car

Vagabonde said...

Darlene what you say is so true but from now on we are going to be inundated on the news about “Obamacare” and “socialism” and how Romney is going to save us all even though the only state that had this type of healthcare before was signed into law by Romney…

Darlene said...

*Cop Car - Yes, I read that this morning. I am no expert and can't get into Justice Roberts mind, so I assume it's as good an explanation as any. We shall know more after we see how he rules in the future.

*Vagabonde - Oh yeah! You are so right and it has started now.

Darlene said...

*Hattie - It certainly weakens part of ACA.

joared said...

This is a big step, no doubt, but I think it's just the beginning. I'm reading more and more analyses of how this Roberts ruling still leaves those opposed to these health care changes in position to do severe damage to the plan. We've got lots of work ahead of us, beginning now and the Nov. elections.