Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hypocrites and Irony

I spent this Sunday morning punishing myself again. Yep, I watched the Republicans on the talk shows. I have a few choice words for them; unless you can contribute something meaningful, shut up, already.

First that Neanderthal, Mitch McConnell, made the absolutely absurd statement that the Democrats had not learned from history. Huh? He
was referring to the economic stimulus package and, by inference, stating that the Republicans had created a good economy with their tax cuts for the upper 1%. Please, Mitch, give me a break. Your tax cuts were financed on
our National Debt credit card and that is one of the contributing factors in the fine mess we find ourselves in now. Sorry to enlighten you, Mitch, but you had control of both houses and the presidency while laying the groundwork for the economic quagmire we find ourselves in. So who hasn't learned from history? Mr. McConnell, I suggest you go take a good look in the mirror.

It is the height of chutzpah for the Republicans to accuse the Democrats of wasteful spending. I do believe they are the party that went on a spending binge that lasted for eight years while, at the same time, cutting taxes. Please tell me how this was fiscally wise? Call me dense, but it seems to me that if you cut your income while you are buying luxury items (like an inconvenient war) you are going to have to pay the Piper at some point down the road. Well, that bend in the road is here and it's a very dangerous curve.

To add an insult to one's intelligence, John Ensign, Senator from Nevada, pontificated on all of that terrible spending in the stimulus package. Horrible, wasteful things like aid to the states. When Barney Frank pointed out to him that if the States didn't get the money they would have to fire teachers, policemen and firemen. That kind of translates into
lost jobs, doesn't it? Oh but wait! Mr. White Hair (not white hat) had an answer to that. The States could find cuts in wasteful spending without firing anybody. Excuse me? After George Bush put the States on a starvation diet for eight years they have already cut their budgets to the bone. Ask any governor where he plans to cut next. Ask California's Republican governor, Schwarzenegger, what part of that bloated budget he will slash.

Oh, but Ensign had an answer for that, too. Aiding the States wouldn't stimulate the economy for several years down the road. Well, it's just such short sighted inability to see ahead that got us in this fine kettle of fish we now find ourselves in.

Oh well - never mind. Unless aid to the States is restored, that item has been slashed from the package by
the ideologue Republicans. Obama had to give them that sop to get votes.

Then of course, Mr. Loser, John McCain, loves to rant about all that pork in the package. What pork? Oh yeah, little items like education and health care. One man's pork is another man's beef (pun intended).

Oh my head is swimming with the illogical logic being used by the opposition to the package. And when their logic comes up faulty they harp on things like condoms. I guess they would rather have the States pick up the tab for abortions or unwanted babies. Of course the condom issue is ludicrous unless you are a very conservative Christian of the far right. The term 'red herring' comes to mind.

Aha, but I finally learned what they are really up to. While accusing Obama of partisan politics (the irony of it all) the Reublicans know that no matter what we do now things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better. It will take several years to turn things around and then
just in time for the mid-term elections the G.O.P. can say, "Obama's stimulus package didn't work". Now does anybody who is paying attention think that they have your best interests at heart?

I thought I was through being angry at the political games being played once Obama was elected. I was wrong.


Nancy said...


As usual, you have hit the nail on the head regarding the Republican habit of obstructing as many Democratic plans as possible.

I saw Mitch talking through his hat,too and McCain should probably hang it up soon. They are both over the hill and have not had an original thought in the past 10 years.

Keep after them, Darlene.

Darlene said...

Nancy, you know I will not give up - stubborn old gal that I am.

Looking to the Stars said...

I agree with everything you say. The republican party needs to be thrown out. I'm a registered republican but I have voted democrat every time.

I knew Obama would have a hard time but gosh darn it I'd like to give the republicans a swift kick in the pants. They don't think about anybody but themselves and lining their pockets with our money.

I love reading your blog.

janinsanfran said...

How can you do something to yourself like watch the Sunday talkies? That's dangerous! :-)

Darlene said...

Jamisfran, I watch them to get the adrenalin flowing. It always wakes me up. ;-)

Laura said...

I'm thinking that they really do believe in small government; that would be government of small minds, small compassion, small...well, you get the idea. Excellent points.