Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sonoran Desert

This will be the last of my series about showing Lynne the sights. The first picture was taken in the Desert Museum looking toward the Santa Rita Mountains. The middle cactus is an Ocotillo and on its right is a Cholla with Teddy Bear Chollas in the right hand corner. Saguaros are scattered throughout.

The next two photos were taken at Saguaro National Monument West. There are two Saguaro Monuments in Tucson; one on the East Side and this one on the West. I gave the details on Saguaros on the last post so if you didn't see it you can scroll down and read about them.

The final photo is a Rhinoceros found in the International Wildlife Museum. Too bad for the big guy because he is no longer living and has been stuffed; sort of like I feel after a Thanksgiving dinner. Lynne wanted to visit the Wildlife Museum en route to the Desert Museum. I was not thrilled about seeing it. Animals killed for trophies are definitely not my cup of tea.
Even though I would not want to return, I did find it interesting and well done. The Big Horn Sheep are placed on a fake mountain and all animals are displayed in their natural setting. I took a photo of a Woolly Mammoth and if I hadn't known better, I would have thought it was a real animal. I did decide one thing after visiting the bear exhibit. I don't want to go sit on the ice floe. Those Polar bears are huge !!!!

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20th Century Woman said...

I agree with you about stuffed animals and hunting for trophies. I even have reservations about zoos. I have loved going to them them since I was a kid, but I often worry that the animals are not happy. Zoos do good work, however, in preserving endangered species and in research about wildlife.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I've always though cactus's were cool...thanks for all the photos.

Yeah, I kind of feel sorry when I see stuffed animals too. That rhino looks huge. So glad you and Lynne had such a nice visit Darlene. Have a good weekend sweetie... Love, Joy

Betty said...

Thanks for the travelogue. I've enjoyed it.

Looking to the Stars said...

You took great pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us.
I feel the same way about stuffed animals, I enjoy the zoo. When they have a new baby at the zoo, they have a contest for the public to name it (I can't enter it) but its neat what names people come up with. Give me the living animals every time!

Darlene said...

20th Century Woman, I have reservations about Zoos also, but the wildlife critters are at least well fed, have good medical treatment, and large enclosures at the Desert Museum. I would ban any zoo that has animals confined in small spaces or doesn't treat them well.

Joy,You're welcome for the photos. The Rhino is huge! I wouldn't want to meet him in the wild.

Betty, I am glad you enjoyed the travelogue and you are most welcome.

Lois, thanks for your comments and the kids really enjoy the zoo babies. (Aren't we all kids at heart?) One thing that zoos do is teach and I guess that's a trade off that is made when we cage wild things.

Sylvia K said...

I, too, agree with you re: stuffed animals and hunting for trophies, but it can be interesting to learn more about them in a museum. Love all your photos of the cactus! Looks as though you had a great time! Thanks for sharing them.

Granny Annie said...

We were babysitting three of our grandchildren a few years ago in San Diego. They were being unruly to Grandpa Ron decided to take us all for a ride in the desert. I was whining along with the children to go home. At least he knew how to keep the children from acting up but the desert lost it's appeal for me that day. I must add that your wonderful picture tour is the way I want to see the desert!