Monday, May 25, 2009

Weary Hag's Questionaire

Tabor who writes the great blog One Day At A Time got the following questions from Weary Hag and posted them on her blog.

Everyone is invited to participate but, if you do so, please let Weary Hag know that you did at:

Canvassing by Weary Hag

1. While typing - do you prefer classic or italics?

Classic, definitely. It's easier to read.

2. While reading - do you prefer classic or italics?

See above.

3. Worst experience while blogging? [i.e. page froze, lost data, caught using dated or false info, typos - what made you gasp - even a li'l]

The absolute pits was the time I spent a whole afternoon writing a long post and editing it. Before saving it I highlighted it to copy and hit delete by mistake. I lost the whole thing. I said some unprintable words that day.

4. Best experience while blogging? [i.e. new friendship/relationship formed, wrote a post that was just short of genius, learned new com tech skill, etc]

I really, really wish I could say I wrote a post that was just short of genius, but I have to confess that my best experience is meeting new friends from all over the world. Second best was meeting one in person. Actually I think that was the best one, but it came after meeting her in the blog world.

5. Let's assume you're an avid blogger - someone at an intimate dinner or party suggests that blogging is for idiots. In what way do you beat the dog meat out of them - [read: handle the situation] - if at all?

I tell them how rewarding it is and how much it means in my life. It has kept me from boredom and keeps me on my toes. (Good exercise for an aging mind.)

6. Do you pass your blog URL out to people like sneeze molecules or do you generally keep it to yourself and your own group of mutual blog buddies?

When I first started I notified all my friends and family that I had a blog, sent them the URL and hoped they would check it out. Since then I haven't advertised. Maybe I should - I might get more followers. ;-)

7. Do you share your blog with family [children/spouse/siblings/parents] or do you deliberately keep it from them?

They are free to read it if they wish. I doubt that they pay much attention. My daughters have commented a couple of times. As to the others, "Are you out there?"

8. This is for those who only use a fabricated name when blogging: Do you ever wish you could tell people just exactly who you really are or are you content to remain anonymous to the masses?


9. This is for those who use their true name when blogging: Do you ever wish you had remained anonymous or are you pleased as punch to get your real self out there?

Hey, I'm an open book and tell everything I know (and a lot that I don't know.)

10. Of these - which is your favorite genre to read in the blogging community: [choose ONLY one]: a) how-to & advice, b) brief topics covered with a comedic edge, c) personal adventures or experiences, d) photos with captions, e) up-to-the-minute newsy type stories told with blogger's perspective or spin

It's hard to decide because I enjoy all of them, but if I have to choose only one I would choose e).

11. From one to ten, when reading a blog post ... do spelling & grammar really count? (not the occasional typo). One: they don't count in the least .............. Ten: stop reading midstream and move on.

I guess I have to give it a seven. It bothers me because I
find myself wanting to correct them. If the person is interesting I can overlook bad grammar, but I do wish they would use spell check. Re: grammar - I have some grammatical failings now, so who (whom?) am I to criticize. ;-)

12. Have you been approached to write a book or magazine article or to contribute to an existing publication in any way, solely based upon your blog? (and I don't mean by smokinbettylou or tedthetool)

You're kidding, right?

13. Do you prefer the read & comment type of post or the interactive style (like this one)?

I prefer the 'read and comment' type, but this one is fun once in awhile. Besides, it's an easy way to write a blog.

14. Which applies to you most often? a) I read and comment, b) I read and move along ...

I read and comment.

15. Are you involved in any other networking venues or is blogging your one and only? [i.e. FB, YT, MSpace, LiveJournal, Classmates, photo hosting sites, etc.] No need to name them unless you want to .
I'm on Facebook if they haven't kicked me off. I haven't been back in months so I guess I can't qualify as being involved. I don't have time after I fill out forms like this.


Weary Hag said...

:D I'm so happy that you gave this a whirl! Great answers and I do know what you mean about how long this thing was ...cripes it made me weary by the end. Oh wait. I was Weary before I started.

Thanks so much for the great feedback, Darlene! Greatly appreciated!

Enjoy the day - don't know about you but it's gorgeous here.

Darlene said...

*Weary Hag - You are very welcome. It was my pleasure.

kenju said...

I promised to do this and then promptly forgot about it...LOL
Forgive me, Hag!

Loved reading your answers, Darlene.

Lydia said...

This was so interesting! And guess what? I'm just about finished with a post that I'll get out there within the hour....and TAG! Are you up for another one of these Q&A things? :)

Tabor said...

Thanks for playing along Darlene. I was not too surprised by your are pretty up front about most things.

Looking to the Stars said...

Loved your answers :)
Lydia has tagged you and me for a meme (first time for me) so I'm off to do my meme post :)
Tomorrow is your Birthday, will be stopping by to wish you a happy one :)

Joy Des Jardins said...

You kill me your answers. I just love you sweetie.... Hugs, Joy

Kay Dennison said...

Good answers!!!!!!!

I don't use my real last name (Kay is my middle name and most people call me that) because my ex-husband doesn't need to read it. There is a short list of people here in my town who are allowed to read my blog. I don't need the grief.

Darlene said...

Thanks to all who responded to my Meme. Lydia just tagged me for another one so stay tuned.

Xtreme English said...

it's "WHO am i to criticize...." trust me.

joared said...

These Memes I usually ignore as they seem much like school busy work to me, but I guess they can be some sort of writing prompt, or a quick way to become acquainted with someone -- whatever. I generally don't like to take time reading them or writing my own response.

Am not surprised by any of your answers as you and most of us bloggers seems to be pretty forthright in what we write.

I use a blog name and really have no desire to change to my regular name. Most who come to my blog know my name sooner or later and the city where I live. Think it's readily available elsewhere on the Internet, too. Privacy seems to be a thing of the past.

I have been asked to allow my comments on a blog to be used in a newspaper in a state half way across the country from my own -- really amazed me. You never know. I used my regular name for that.

I've also written a piece or two or letter to the editor with my regular name, added my blog name and URL and, surprisingly to me, ended up with an unrequested by me byline in a local newspaper.

I sometimes write letters to a variety of publications promoting a particular blog/blogger, supporting or questioning issues, or just expressing my opinion which may or may not get into print. I sign my regular name and include my blog name and URL.

I told family and friends of my blogging from the very beginning. A few acknowledge reading occasionally, but choose not to comment. My adult children are supportive and my granddaughter just starting high school has been proud of me since she was in grade school and was the only one in her elementary school class who knew what a blog was "because my grandma has one" she answered the teacher. Most other friends and family members don't give a frigging whatever, but then wonder what's going on in my life. I don't push my blog on them.

I've actively promoted blogging to individuals and groups and am amazed at the apprehension and negative attitudes toward it that I've encountered -- fear of the Internet, will take too much time, doubt of bloggers authenticity or concern they aren't who they say they are and the litany goes on.