Friday, July 24, 2009

The Visitors

My girls arrived in the middle of a violent thunderstorm one week ago Thursday night. I had expected them the night before, but they were delayed 24 hours thanks to their dog, Hans.

Rachel was walking Hans on the shore at Huntington Beach when he went berserk after seeing another dog and that set him off. He is big, strong and lacking in obedience training. He jerked Rachel into a concrete bench and Gail had to take Rachel to the E.R. to make sure no bones were broken. Fortunately, severe pain was the only damage done.

One day the girls wanted to shop so we went to the funky stores in the University area. Sarah found a polka dot sun dress and Rachel was happy with her find of Gladiator sandals.

While I was waiting for the girls I did some people watching. The customer below really knew how to make that hula hoop spin.

While the girls shopped Gail and I took refuge in the patio of the FROG and FIRKIN. I have no idea where the name of the restaurant originated - perhaps a fairy tale? Since it's in the University area you can expect strange titles.

The day was blistering hot; over 100 degrees. Even so we were relatively cool thanks to the misters (see the photo of the pipes that emit a cooling mist). A cold beer helped our comfort level.

The girls caught up with us looking happy at having found more things to wear.

The resident pigeon was one fat fella. He had the patio all to himself and the crumbs were plentiful.
The clerk in the store where I sat and waited fascinated me. She was really colorful.

The day ended with dinner at a Chinese restaurant. To say that I was 'pooped' is the understatement of the year. Tomorrow it's on to Kartchner Caverns.


Rain said...

You are making me homesick for my second home. I love those misters and they do help a lot. I also like the university area for shopping :) Your girls are lovely

Looking to the Stars said...

I loved the misters too! What a neat idea. People are very intersting, I loved your pics. You have a very nice family. Looking forward to more stories about their visit :)

Darlene said...

*Rain - Misters are vital if you are going to dine al fresco in Tucson, but the conservationists don't like them.

*Looking to the Stars - Thank you. I think they are nice, too.

Anonymous said...


What do those misters do to a "hair-do"? If you just had your hair done or had just fixed it yourself, would you sit near a mister? Or a missus for that matter, if she was spraying water....

Ugich Konitari said...


Misters in Arizona sound logical to me. I presume these are things that spray a fine mist of water around the place to cool things down.

You might be interested to know that I have seen these at entrances to weddings receptions held in big halls and grounds in Mumbai. Whats more, there is some perfume in the mist. It is so hot in Mumbai always that you feel very refreshed when faced with these, as you arrive in you heavy silks in stuff...:-)

You must have such a great visit with the girls !

Rinkly Rimes said...

They've certainly been keeping you young!

Gary White said...

They haven't heard of Misters here in Spain but we could sure use them some days. Fortunately, the nights are cool and we can trap some of that cool air to keep us relatively comfortable during the days.

Gary White said...

Forgot to add that your girls are beautiful!

Friko said...

Have a lovely visit with your pretty girls.
The Frog and Firkin is a modern invention by a beer brewery company, nothing romantic about it at all, I'm sorry to say. There are several such names nowadays. The old Pub names were so much more meaningful.
I am surprised though, that these new names have crossed the Atlantic!

Sylvia K said...

What a great, fun time! And the girls are lovely indeed! I'm soooo glad you've had such a terrific time! Hope more is on the way!


Darlene said...

*Anonymous - Unless you sit right under the spray you won't ruin a hair-do. Even so, the spray is so fine that I don't think it would do much damage.

*Ugich - I must tell the places who have misters to put some nice citrusy perfume in them. Great idea!

*Rinkly Rhymes - Or making me older ;-)

*Gary - Thank you. I will pass the compliment on the the granddaughters.

*Friko - Thank you for the info. Darn, I was hoping it meant a prince would appear if I kissed the frog. It's a global world now and not much stays in it's own country.

*Sylvia - It was fun. It's too quiet here now.

Claude said...

Great story and photos, Darlene!

Lydia said...

What fun pictures! No wonder you were tired, though.