Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dennis Kucinich and My Voting Record.


"Representative Kucinich was livid when he found out that his provision to allow states to create a single payer system was stripped," News Junkie Post noted. "Kucinich’s amendment passed the House Labor and Education Committee in July. 'No one gave me any rational reason,' Kucinich said. 'I can only assume the insurance company interests brought pressure to take it out. Otherwise I would have heard from someone.'

Watch the video.  It enrages me that they stripped the amendment from the bill.  A pox on all their houses. 

I was watching C-Span years ago when a right vs left issue was being debated.  Dennis has just finished making a rousing speech for the liberal view when my right wing Arizona Senator, John Kyle, loomed over little Dennis and gave him a nasty 'brow beating' tongue lashing that was shocking in it's ferocity.  I have never been more angered and disgusted.  When Kyle gives interviews here at  home  honey drips from his mouth.  It was amazing to see him become a Goliath to a David on the floor of the house.  Dennis just looked stunned and didn't respond.  John is a large man and Dennis is a small man in stature.  That day Dennis was the big man while John became a tiny mean spirited midget.   For my money, David won again that day.

 During my lifetime as a voter I have been a member of all three parties.  When I was young I had to wait until I was 21 to vote (Yes, kiddies; back in the dark ages that was the law.).   I wanted all the perks of adulthood, so after my 21st birthday I rushed right down to register, but having no firm convictions of my own  I borrowed my families allegiance to the Republican party and registered  as one.  I did not always vote Republican, but I always voted.  I have never missed an election.

 My family were staunch Republicans because it was the party of Abraham Lincoln and two of my great grandfathers fought for  the North in the Civil War.  I can assure you, they would not be Republicans in today's repugnant party.   My grandparents were far too liberal to stay in the party of NO.

When I got married at the age of 23 my husband and I decided we should do our civic duty and become voters.  Since we were not sure of what the political parties stood for we decided to register as Independents.  That worked until we realized that we were unable to vote in the Primaries.  Now that we were full fledged adults, with all of the attendant responsibilities, we wanted the whole enchilada.  Because my mother always worked during election for the Republican party I decided that we should change our registration to Republican.   (You did get that part about "I decided" didn't you?  I guess you know who wore the pants in my family. )
We remained Republicans until Richard Nixon changed all that.  I watched the hearings with an avid curiosity and became interested in politics with a vengeance.  When I realized what the difference was between the Republican and Democratic parties I decided I was with the wrong group.  I think I was born a liberal and I am proud of it.  (But that's a subject for another post.)   So with my husband in tow, it was off to the Court House again to switch to the Democratic party .  (He was not as obsessive as I was and probably went along with me to keep peace in the family.)

 I remain a Democrat because there are still a few men and women of principle in their ranks.  Dennis Kucinich is certainly one. The Republicans are now a lost cause.  I will stick with the Democrats as long as there are Democratic Congresspersons who still put the nation's good above their pocketbooks.  Or until another party has enough clout to make a difference.  

My expectations for Obama were too high. I wish it were not so, but I am becoming disenchanted with his lack of strong leadership.  Yes, he talks a beautiful game and I am still hoping he matures and grows the backbone to do more pushing and shoving.  Bipartisanship has its place but the Republicans have proven over and over that it will not happen as long as they are able to filibuster a bill.  I say, let them stew in their own juice like they made the Democrats squirm when they were in power.  

If I could give advice to Obama it would be 'Forget the Republicans and start putting the pressure on the cowardly blue dog Democrats and tell them they will not get the backing of the White House when election time rolls around if they continue to be obstructionists.' The same goes for that turncoat, Joe Lieberman IN SPADES!  

Obama has the veto pen and it's time he started to do a little threatening with it.  If he doesn't he may lose his majority in the next election.  Politics is a brawling, messy game and not for the faint of heart.  You can't be an upright mild mannered gentleman if you want to win.  Sorry but that's the way it is.  It's a fight to the finish.


Looking to the Stars said...

I will stand with you on putting a pox on thier houses :)

I knew when I voted for Obama, that he had to make promises to get elected. Politics is a dirty game. To me, there is no differance between the parties anymore.

We have become Rome and our fall is in our future.

Jen said...

I don't remember ever having to choose a party when I registered to vote. Maybe it's a Texas thing? I never vote straight party. I would have a hard time deciding which one to choose.

Kay Dennison said...

I like Dennis the Menace -- as we've called him for decades here in NE Ohio -- he's sort of a nut but he sticks to his guns and doesn't compromise. Ron Paul -- a Republican -- is another like him and he and Dennis are friends. In fact, when Dennis ran for the presidential nomination, a reporter asked him who he would like as a running mate and he answered, "Ron Paul." Those two running things might actually make for REAL change.

joared said...

Yeah, our voting alignments can change over the years 'cause often we are influenced by our parents positions when we're young. I certainly was for a time.

I think the requirements for being able to vote in the Primaries may vary from State to State. I had to declare a Party in CA in order to vote in the Primaries, so I couldn't declare as an Independent. Decided I'd make the most of it and all the propaganda I rec'd from the Party with which I registered would give me some insight into what they were telling their followers. Recently heard Independents here could now vote in the Primaries and simply declare what ticket they want. I need to check that out, and if so, I'm going to go the Independent route so I can pick whichever party I want in each Primary.

Baino said...

Timely Darlene. I couldn't believe that today is the Anniversary of Obama's election and we're still waiting for him to deliver. In his defence, he's inherited the worst of times so perhaps it's too early to expect the 'change' that he promised so repeatedly during the election. Years ago I studied American politics. It's very convoluted and difficult but I did, most definitely, understand the 'veto pen' and I think you're right. It's time for him to take a chance. It's a long time before the next election so wield that nib and get something achieved! (I still can't make you work in my Google Reader . . weird.)

Here voting is compulsory. We don't register for parties. You can join one if you're interested but we all have to register to vote and all have to place a vote or else be fined. At least it makes people turn up at the polls.

Alan G said...

Hi Darlene....

Well, you said the dirty words - 'blue dog Democrats'! I recently commented on Joared's blog regarding them critters.

It is so frustrating when you try to vote your priorities and the folks you vote for are not who they say they are!

I understand Senator Blanch Lincoln (one of them blue dogs)spent some quality time yesterday with President Obama and didn't budge one inch from her stand on the health care plan. But then that doesn't really surprise me. She, in particular in my opinion, is pandering to the conservative base here in Arkansas since she is up for re-election in 2010.

Arkansas, as a whole, supported McCain in the election so I suspect she would not be all that disappointed if President Obama did not come to Arkansas during her re-election campaign.

This is almost one of those deals where if you vote for a Democrat you get a Republican. And if you vote for a Republican, you get a Republican. ???????

Darlene said...

*Looking to the Stars - Well, I'm not ready to give up on Democracy yet. But the parties do become blurred when it comes to corruption and being influenced by money.

*Jen - It's nice to see a new name on my comment page. Thank you for the visit. I don't believe we had to choose a party to register, but we thought we should be affiliated with one to make a difference. I lied in Colorado when I first voted.Joared

*Kay - Now that would be an interesting ticket.

*Joared - I know the law was changed in Colo. and now anyone who is a registered voter can vote in the Primaries. Voting laws do vary by state.

*Baino - It's interesting that everyone has to vote in Australia. Do you think they are better informed as a result?

*Alan - I agree that the blue dogs are more interested in pandering to their right wing constituency than to the party. I guess you can't win in some parts of the Bible Belt.

It's a shame that Blanche carries such a distinguished last name.

Darlene said...

Hoo Boy - that will teach me to preview my comments before posting. Jen, I LIVED in Colorado; not LIED. Of course, I'm sure I did some of that too. ;-)

A repairman came while I was typing this and Joared's name appeared in the wrong place.

Oh well, I seem to be mistake prone these days.

20th Century Woman said...

I agree with most of what you say. I, too am a born liberal. But I think it is too soon to judge Obama. We live in a political climate and time when it will take consummate skill to get anything through the closely divided Senate. You are right that he needs to put pressure on the so-called blue-dog Democrats. I hope this is happening behind the scenes.

I am sorry that there are so many people in this country who think there is a lot of virtue in saying, "I vote for the person, not for the party." It is the party affiliation that tells you at least a little about what the person's public policies might be like. Who care whether the person would be nice to have a beer with. Or who he or she is currently sleeping with.

Darlene said...

*20th Century Woman - I haven't given up on Obama. I just wish that he were showing a tougher side. I hope he is behind the scenes, but when his spokespeople come out waffling on the Public Option you have to assume he is too. I wish he were more like Lyndon Johnson (Vietnam excluded).

I do wonder if the people who brag about voting for the person and not the party really understand what they are saying.

Jen said...

"I do wonder if the people who brag about voting for the person and not the party really understand what they are saying."

It is the person and not the party who is our spokesman to the world. It does matter to some extent. Sometimes I tend to vote Republican for local offices and Democrat for President. Sometimes it makes me sick because I don't trust any of them and have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

I never understood at all why judges run as democrats or republicans. I would hope it wouldn't matter in court.