Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Wine For Elders

I am busy today and will refer you to one of my favorite blogs. 
If you want to read a really good blog head over to
"The Rant" by Tom Degan.   He is a master of satire and
his take on politics matches my own.  He gets some lively
debates going because some of his followers are as far right as Tom
is to the left.  It's great fun.
He wrote a post today that I wish I had written on Sarah Palin. 
While I vowed to never give her the time of day again,  I 
really enjoyed Tom's rant.  Here is the link: 
You can tell from my photo that I still enjoy  good wine and when this
arrived in my e-mail I just had to share.
kid you not....
a new wine
for elders

has been 

California Vinters in the Napa Valley
area,which primarily produce 
Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot 
Grigio wines have developed  a 
new hybrid grape that acts as an

It is expected to reduce the
number of trips older people
have to make to the bathroom
during the night. 

The new wine will be marketed as 



I just couldn't help it. 



Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, Darlene. I am shocked!
(I'll have to share it with Hunky Husband!)
Cop Car

Granny Annie said...

I love Sarah too much:) Let's at least read her book and not say we're not about to read it. Come on, that's how I got in here -- I read your friend's article. And just what is wrong with "Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd?" I believe that is putting it very succinctly. I would have to say "Divorce Ron? Have you never made love to a sailor?"

Tabor said...

The wine joke almost made hubby pee in his pants!! I will not talk about 'her.'

Looking to the Stars said...

You had me going about the wine :)
I loved it!

Sarah needs to go home, stay home and shut up :)

take care, kiddo

Sylvia K said...

Yep,definitely my kind of wine!!

As for Sarah, well, the less said the better, I don't want to dirty up your blog with the language she provokes.

Have a great evening, Darlene!


Joy Des Jardins said...

You kill me Darlene.

I'm already tired of seeing Sarah's mug all over the place...not that she was ever gone. We all know what kind of 'whine' Sarah indulges in...the kind that gives everyone else a headache.

betty said...

Oh, boy, do I need some of that wine!

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Thank you for the plug, Lady Darlene. As Cole Porter would say, "You're the tops!"


Tom Degan

Darlene said...

*Cop Car - Did he laugh?

*Granny Annie - Nope, I never made love to a sailor, but I loved one. He was my son.

*Tabor - I wish we never had to hear her name again.

*Looking to the Stars - Don't we wish she would? No chance.

*Sylvia K - Thanks for keeping it clean. ;-)

*Joy des Jardins - Very cute play on the word 'wine'. Sarah's 'whine'. Thanks for tying my rant together.

Darlene said...

*Betty - You and me both!!!!

*Tom Degan - Love Cole Porter and what you said. Thanks!

Friko said...

wine for elders?

They've always had it, it's called red wine and white wine, sparkling wine and champagne.
There are, of course, many sub-divisions and regions where these come from, but all are equally suitable for elders. In fact, I think elders should keep the really good one for themselves, they're wasted on the young.

Now I will go over to tomdegan

joared said...

Oh-h-h! How could you???

Psst! Listen, if you get a good deal on a few bottles of that wine, let me know, 'cause I'd like to buy a few.

Darlene said...

*Friko - I do enjoy good wine, but wish this wine were not a joke. I could do with a full night's sleep without having to get up several times. ;-)

*Joared - If I find that wine I am keeping it all for myself. :-)

Lydia said...

*Thank You, Darlene* for suggesting Tom Degan's blog and for providing the link. His blog is such a great find; I'm ecstatic. Just sent the link to my cousin's husband, former Oregon Congressman Les AuCoin, who I am sure will enjoy Degan's blog. (Les is in my blogroll too; check him out!)

Lydia said...

p.s. Sorry. I should have given the link to the Les AuCoin blog.