Thursday, November 12, 2009

War and Health Care

 Rumor has it that President Obama is going to announce how many troops he will be sending to Afghanistan.  Didn't the tragedy at Ft. Hood make clear how worn out our military is and bring to the forefront the human tragedy of repeated deployments?  Didn't Viet Nam teach us anything?

Nicholas Kristof has written an excellent op-ed piece in today's NYT.  I have posted the link and I urge everyone to read it.  If you are opposed to sending more troops to Afghanistan (as I am) and you are for sensible health care reform (as you know I am) you will see how they are tied together.  Kristof makes a good case fiscally and logically for spending our dwindling dollars on health care  instead of on a war that can never be won.  Here is a quote from that article and following is a link:

"Doesn’t it seem odd to hear hawks say that health reform is fiscally irresponsible, while in the next breath they cheer a larger deployment of troops in Afghanistan?  Meanwhile, lack of health insurance kills about 45,000 Americans a year, according to a Harvard study released in September. So which is the greater danger to our homeland security, the Taliban or our dysfunctional insurance system?"

I read that Ben Nelson, Dem. of Nebraska is now taking over where Olympia Snow left off.  He is threatening to join the Republicans in a Filibuster to stop the health care reform bill from coming up for a vote unless it includes that terrible Stupak amendment in the House bill (no federal money for abortions) and that the Public Option be removed.  It's no coincidence that Nebraska is the Insurance Capital of the World or that Nelson has received 2 million from the insurance and health care industries.

Why, oh why, are such ideological stupid men constantly elected to Congress?   For example there's that 'Mr.Tan Man', John Boehner quoting form the Bill of Rights while holding up his copy of  the Constitution and proudly proclaiming that's where his quote can be found.  I think it should be mandatory  that anyone elected to public office be required to take a course in Civics. But I digress.

If a family is deep in debt they have to spend their dwindling dollars wisely.  I fail to see why a government is any different.  I am liberal, but I am also pragmatic.   Our dollars must now be spent on putting our citizens to work and balancing our budget.  We cannot afford the mounting costs of war while our own country is falling apart.  Part of balancing the nation's budget is controlling the escalating cost of health care.  Reform is vital and for a nincompoop like Bill Nelson to halt that reform is unconscionable.


Friko said...

I wish there were more like you in the US. And in the UK.
But the debate on Afghanistan is finally seriously on, since more and more soldiers come home in body bags. And there's less and less money for this futile war.

Hattie said...

Darlene: That column was such a clear statement. We are going broke on these wars. It's ridiculous.

Kay Dennison said...

You make wonderful sense here, Darlene!!!!!! Thank you!!! I want my brother home with his family and an end to the waste of our dollars.

Looking to the Stars said...

War makes money for the big businesses (guns,airplanes etc) I don't know if they are ever going to come to the party and see that war is not good for anything.

It figures Neb. would cave in. As you pointed out, they are the insurance capitol of the world.

A few years ago we had a Dem. senator who changed horses when he got elected. Sen. Nighthorse Campbell. What he got in return for changing was the Sandcreek Memorial. Every time you think you voted a good one in they kick you in the gut.

So, far Obama is holding his own.

Rain said...

I am happy to hear Obama talking about wanting an exit strategy. I hope he doesn't fold under the pressure that comes upon anyone who dares to speak out against war from the right wing. Logic is no part of their agenda.

Joy Des Jardins said...

It's such an insane waste...a sad, expensive, disgusting, horrendous, futile, waste Darlene. It breaks my breaks all of our hearts. Thank you for this wonderful post sweetie.

Darlene said...

*Friko - Yes, I think your government is ahead of ours on this issue.

*Hattie - You are so right!!

*Kay Dennison - I hope your brother can come home safe soon, Kay.

*Looking to the Stars - Of course, you're right. Money is the root of all evil.

*Rain - The news is looking better today. I hope there is an exit strategy and that the former Ambassador is listened to.

*Joy - The tears of many are shed in war. How we all wish the world would learn other ways to solve problems.

jano said...


Love your blog and agree.

Mr. Tan was quoting the Declaration of Independence, not the Bill of Rights or the Consitution as he thought.

He's got to be the dumbest rep yet ... but he has a mighty lot of competition. To much tanning ... and is that a rug he's wearing. Oh, how petty of me.