Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Democrat's Convention

Did you feel a sense of pride in the three women who, to me, were the most inspiring in last night's Democratic convention opening? I am referring to Michelle Obama, Barack's sister, Maya, with her beautiful smile and Hillary with her call to unity.

The most poignant moment for me, though was when Ted Kennedy courageously stepped up to the podium. It was a teary time for me having lived with a man who died of multiple terminal brain tumors. I know how weak Ted must have been, but he mustered the energy to boom forth with his powerful voice and rally the troops.

It is so inspiring to see a person who really puts the love of country and party above his own needs. When Ted said it was a time for hope I had a lump in my throat and when he said he would be in the Senate on January first that lump grew into a mountain and my eyes got misty.

I know that the diagnosis of terminal cancer can consume your every waking thought and yet, here stood a man, so weak that he had to ride in a golf cart to the podium, to proclaim a message of hope.

Here's to you, Ted, and may your continue the courageous fight and be on the floor of the Senate next January to celebrate.


Nancy said...


Here is a copy of a comment I made today on Betty's blog:

There wasn't a dry eye in our house when Caroline Kennedy appeared.

I can still see that little girl riding her pony,Macaroni, and playing in the Oval office with her little brother,John. It's sad to think that she is the only one left of that wonderful First Family.

The film that she introduced featuring her Uncle Teddy was spectacular.The sailboats and the rough seas and the glimpses of Jack and Jackie and the rest of the family.

The most poignant thought that I had during the whole appearance of Senator Kennedy was that he was the first of the Kennedy boys we had actually seen grow old. Young Joe and Jack and Bobby had all given their lives in the service of their country, and now their children are carrying on the great traditions of the Kennedy Family.

Darlene said...

Nancy, the Kennedy's have certainly been a star crossed family. I don't know how Rose endured the many tragedies of losing her children.

They are such a handsome bunch. That video was really fabulous. When we lived in Mass. we drove my Hayannis Port.

Did you notice Maria Shriver tearing up? She must have it hard being married to a Republican governor. I don't think Arnie deserves her. I never did think he was good looking; hunky or not.

Nancy said...

Yes, Darlene, I did see Maria Shriver tearing up as she looked at her Uncle Ted on that stage.

I wish she had been invited to join Caroline and the other Kennedy children on the stage for the very reason you mentioned.

Despite being married to Arnold the Republican, she never forgets her Kennedy roots and very bravely attends every function that calls for the presence of the young Kennedys while remaining a faithful and loyal wife to Arnold.

Linda Hillin said...

I share your opinions about the convention. It was a roller coaster evening, tears of sadness for Ted Kennedy when he so much wants to be a part of change in America, and tears of pride and joy for Michelle Obama. The Republicans have really taken her to the whipping post. I don't see the ugly things they've said about her. I wish the media would look closer at Cindy McCain.

I so applaud Ted Kennedy for his ability to embrace change in America.

Big John said...

Thanks for your recent visits Darlene.
The convention gets lots of coverage in the British media, as did the 'plot' to kill Obama, which I believe was played down by the American Press ?
If I were an American he would get my vote.