Friday, August 15, 2008

Mt. Lemmon II

I didn't finish with the facts that I wanted to post yesterday, so decided to add a few more of the photos I took while on our picnic trip.

The Tohono O'dham Indians name for the mountain is Frog Mountain. The top of the mountain stands 9,000 ft. above sea level resulting in a 30 degree temperature difference between Tucson and Summerhaven. That's really welcome when our temperature reaches 100 degrees, but not so great in the winter.

The University of Arizona has an observatory in the Santa Catalina mountains named Mt. Lemmon Sky Center.

Now that I have
dispensed with the educational portion of my lecture (hmmm.) I will explain the photos. You will be ascending up the mountain with me.

The top
photo was taken at the first pull out and overlooks a housing development on the edge of Tucson. Notice the cactus in the middle.

The next photo is further up when we get into the rock formations that I showed on yesterday's post. The third photo is at a favorite stop where the hardy and young can climb on giant rocks.

The bottom photo is near the top of the mountain and overlooking the back side of the mountain. As I indicated yesterday, it was very hazy so the details are not clear. Perhaps I will be able to go back after our monsoon season and get better pictures.

I really needed this trip because the previous day I went to a new dentist. I have been with the same excellent dentist for 24 years and only changed because I need two expensive crowns. I foolishly decided to save money (not a small amount) and went to a dentist on my insurance plan. The new dentist found a cavity on the other side of my mouth and filled it. He decided I needed a root canal before getting the crown (I am not convinced about that.) and I left the office with the tooth needing a crown hurting and the one he filled still hurting. I can't chew on either side now so I look like Bugs Bunny as I masticate with my middle teeth.

Once again, I have to say like Bette, "Growing old ain't for sissies."
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joared said...

Enjoying your pictures of Mt. Lemon -- so many years since I've experienced a Tucson view.