Thursday, August 21, 2008

Post Script To the Last Post "No Blood For OIl"

Please read my previous post "No Blood For Oil" before reading this one. They should have been posted as a single unit.

In addition to "Facts are stubborn things" John Adams had another quote that is a favorite of mine. It is:
Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people: John Adams

Nancy sent me this funny spoof on the Bush presidency that I think every one will enjoy. I would like to post it here, but for expediency I am just including the link. If you like to laugh, please click here.

My last political rant itemized many of the blunders of 'Bush and company' but I failed to mention the signing statements. As of February 8, 2008 George Bush had signed a total of 156 signing statements. While this practice has not been declared unconstitutional, it has certainly undermined the separation of powers. It is a way of weakening Congress' authority and power. It is also an indication of the secretive way this administration has governed.

It really mystifies me that some people still defend Bush and fail to see the danger he has put our nation in. I guess Honest Abe was right. You can fool some of the people all of the time.

Now that I have ranted on the Bush presidency that, thank God, is almost over, I am going to look forward to a future danger.

One of the most frightening to me, and one that will have the most lasting effect, is the fate of the Supreme Court. There are three Justices who are certainly going to retire within the next four years. John Paul Stevens is 88, Anthony Kennedy is 72,and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, while only 69, has had cancer. John McCain has already praised Samuel Alito as his favorite Justice and has promised to nominate like thinking Judges. He is determined to overturn Roe vs Wade which will have the dire result of criminalizing doctors and women who either preform or need abortions. No one wants an abortion, contrary to what the pro-lifers claim. It is most certainly NOT expensive birth control and is only a last resort for desperate women. We have experienced the terrible consequences of making abortion illegal and I doubt that anyone who lived during that time would want to return to those dark ages of coat hanger abortions.

I do hope that those who disagree with my rant will take the time to delve out the facts on my statements and not do, as so many of the opposite view have done, believe what the Fox talking heads and Rush Limbaugh say and swallow it whole. Or believe what a novelist wrote on Climate Change instead of believing the Scientists who actually make a study of it.

Please, please vote intelligently based on facts and not spin or sound bites. I beg you; our country depends on it.


Rain said...

This thing with the judges is what makes me wonder how former hillary supporters can possibly say they would vote for McCain out of bitterness. This is just crazy. I hope they come to their senses before they cast that ballot.

Nancy said...

Darlene and Rain,

I was a most ardent Hillary supporter and was very disappointed when she was not the nominee for President. BUT, I could never vote for John McCain knowing what he would do to our Supreme Court.

Not just the Abortion issue because I think there are so many ways NOT to get pregnant now or if you do have unprotected sex there is always the Morning After pill which requires no Rx.

So, I honestly think Abortion should be ,as Bill Clinton so wisely put it, Safe,legal and RARE! Mainly RARE, but LEGAL is all else fails.

But how about all the other issues that will come up duing the next President's term? We will need a Supreme Court that is more evenly divided among Liberals and Conservatives, and that's where I think we can depend on Barack Obama. He will have the intelligence to select someone who knows the Constitution and will defend it and interpret it correctly.

Darlene said...

Rain, I really don't think that when push comes to shove the Hillary supporters will vote for McCain. The convention is going to give them their day to vote for her and then they will settle down. At least I hope so.

Nancy, I agree that abortion should be rare. With the exception of rape or incest, there is really little excuse for getting pregnant if you don't want to.

Betty said...

The Hillary supporters who are threatening to vote for McCain simply have no excuse for that attitude. Unless, of course, their true agenda is the race question. That's the only reason I can think of for them to be so adamantly opposed to Obama.

Mortart said...

Congratulations of your comprehensive and succinct indictment of George W. I'm confident that McCain, who I worry will win the election, will be a mirror image--or worse.

Darlene said...

Mort, if McCain wins I think I will move to Canada. Or I would,if I could move at all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The only, only person (who had any chance at all of being elected president this year) whom I trust to make intelligent choices in filling any possible Supreme Court vacancy is Hillary Clinton. Obama has come out with too many positions that are in synch with Bush. Case in point: Anyone who advocates giving tax dollars to faith-based organizations does not warrant my vote. Criminently. Older n Dirt

Darlene said...

I tend to agree with Older n'dirt, but think of the alternative.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I chanced upon your Blog and thought I'd write. I know little about American politics, but it seems crazy for anyone to vote for another party just because the candidate they fancied for their party of choice is no longer available! Feminism is a great thing, but it's not as important as the good of society as a whole.

It also seems crazy that a whole quarter of a President's term of office is taken up with argybargy about the next term. It makes me wonder about democracy! We have the same nonsense here, in Australia, although we don't go in for quite as much hooplah!

gyma said...

Somewhere (can't remember where now!) I read that the majority of Americans don't even know how many justices comprise the Supreme Court!

Therefore, they don't understand the importance of nominating new judges.

I think it very likely the next president will select at least two, if not more, justices.

Should McCain be elected, and he follows through with his rhetoric, then the United States will be a very different place for many years to come.