Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Travel Photos

Busy, busy, busy. The 'hurrieder' I go the 'behinder' I get. Lack of time prompts me to take the easy path again and post more old pictures I took on my travels.

The top photo is marble courtyard of
King Louis XIV, Versailles.

The next one is Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford on the Avon.

You will all recognize the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It really tilts.

The bottom photo is my favorite place of all -- Carcasonne, France.

Click on any of my photos to enlarge them.

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One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful pictures - my dear jouraling friend -
Happy I once again can look at your site.
Have a great evening.

Nancy said...


Very nice pictures, and aren't you lucky to have been all of those places?

I've been to most of them,too, and it makes growing old and staying home a lot easier......