Thursday, April 9, 2009

Episode V, The Furry Critters

~~~~~~~~~ "Happy Passover" ~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~ "Happy Easter" ~~~~~~~~~

********* This is NOT the Easter Bunny *********

Before I move on to the other places I saw I want to show the pets I visited. Meet Shade, Sarah's cat. I think he is wondering what is on the other side of this door and is wishing that someone would let him out so he could investigate.

I am pleased to introduce Hans, Rachel's German Shepherd. He seems to be laughing at me.
He has a big blue ball that he holds in his mouth as he walks around hinting for someone to play with him.

Hans is in a more somber mode here. He is the protector of his girls and takes his job seriously.

Hans was unhappy because we were leaving and he had to stay home to do his job of watching the house. He's probably hoping that someone would come to the door and he could put the fear of God into them. That might be fun and break the monotony.

Shade decided to join the family this evening.

Gail has a two- story house. Sarah's bedroom is upstairs and Rachel's is downstairs. Shade and Hans have worked out an arrangement that suits them. Shade is King of the top level and Hans rules the lower domain.
The two get along but are very respectful of each other's territory.

Hans adopted me the minute I scratched his neck and was beside me every time I sat down.
Shade, on the other hand, was leery of me and only went far enough to sniff my hands to see if he would grant me permission to stay. He never did allow me to pet him. (Did I smell bad?)

The last night I was there Shade was halfway down the stairs and I put my hand up for him to smell one last time. After he gave me a thorough sniff test I dared trying to pet him one last time. He batted my hand with his claws out. I conceded defeat and quickly withdrew my hand. Hans did not approve of Shades actions, barked at him and chased him back upstairs. Gail and I had to laugh at Hans putting Shade in his place, literally and figuratively.

Tomorrow I will show photos I took when we went to Sunol. Thus endeth episode V of my California trip.

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Looking to the Stars said...

I love the pics. Hans is so dignified and Shady looks like royalty :) Animals are so neat, I love them

Parapluie said...

You have a way of capturing animal expression in photographs. Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

Darlene said...

Lois, Hans may look dignified, but he's all playful puppy.

Parapluie, a compliment from you on my photography means a lot. Thank you and a Happy Passover and Easter to you.

One Woman's Journey said...

I love your sharing and your pictures. Happy Easter to you.