Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just Wondering

Everyone is familiar with the old saw, "Money is the root of all evil." I firmly believe that this holds true for politicians. If they didn't have to raise enormous sums of money 12 months a year they might actually have time to read those bills they squabble about. With any luck, they might even vote for what's good for the country instead of what's good for their re-election campaign funds.

And that makes me wonder:

  • Why did Senator Robert Bennett, Utah Republican, put a hold on the nomination of the eminently qualified David Hayes, who has been approved by the Senate Committee? And why is Democrat Mary Landrieu aiding and abetting him?
I know the answer to this one; it is to blackmail Obama into canceling Interior Secretary Ken Salazar' s reversal of the Bush Administration's ruling allowing oil and gas leases next to the National Parks in Utah. Bennett wants those leases to be reinstated. (Generous contributions from the oil and gas industries might have something to do with it, hmmm? That 'root' rearing it's ugly head.)
  • Why has the Republican party become one of "No"? Not a single Republican voted for Obama's stimulus package. Why do they complain about not having bipartisanship when they threaten to stop every piece of legislation that the Democrats propose?
  • If the Republicans feel left out of the planning, why haven't they come up with a single workable plan that is better?
  • Why were there no rules imposed on the banks that got the stimulus bailout money?

  • Why did the politicians reverse the rules placed on the financial industries after the Great Depression?
  • Why do they never learn?
  • Why is Wall Street still calling the shots? (There's that 'root' again.)
  • Why are the politicians so afraid of the NRA that they will not pass sensible gun legislation? There were four times as many gun deaths by murder last year than were killed in the World Trade Center. Sadly, 3,000 of them were children.
  • Why can't we have legislation banning semi-automatic handguns?
  • Why are unlicensed gun dealers allowed to sell guns without a background check?
For a good analysis on this subject follow the link to Bob Herbert's editorial.

  • Why do I care?
And now a bit of news that the media don't talk about: A link to the article:

US and Russia Hold Nuclear Talks
  • Now why haven't we heard of this? I think this just might be a bit more important than news about Bo, cute though he is.
  • Why is common sense missing from the hallowed halls of Foggy Bottom?
Just wondering.


Rain said...

You said it well and we do care even though it can be so disillusioning to stay informed. It's like the Republicans lost but somehow think they should get everything they have the last 8 years anyway. :(

20th Century Woman said...

As usual, Darleen, a timely and thoughtful post. Do you think the Republicans have a clue about what they can say for themselves when the next election comes around? I guess they are just going to depend on that "root" again.

Betty said...

Well, there weren't any rules attached to that first bank bailout because it happened during the last administration and the Democrats dropped the ball.

There isn't any common sense in Foggy Bottom because all anyone there can see is $$$$.

Darlene said...

Rain - You are so right.

20th Century Woman - There are always the uninformed who don't have a clue about what the last administration did. I guess the Republicans will rely on them and that 'root' again. ;-)

Betty - I wish I could be sure that things have changed enough, but it doesn't look like there is enough oversight of the banking industry going on yet.

Parapluie said...

I hear your frustration. There is still ahuge canyon between myself and my children on our world outlook.