Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still In Wine Country

To quote that anonymous wit, "Spring has sprung."

The Poppies are blooming and I took advantage of their bright glory to take a couple of photographs.

A close up through the fence resulted in this picture. Since I am no longer very mobile, I had to take most of my photos from the car.

What is the name of these yellow beauties? I do not have a clue but they are abundant.

The girl riding this beautiful horse was hard to catch because she was far away and moving right along. I did the best I could to rapidly focus the camera before she vanished.

I think I should title this series of photographs of my trips by Episodes. This will be Episode IV. Episode V will continue tomorrow.

A Re-run Issue

Since I am doing a continuation of one subject I decided to augment a previous post I wrote on humor. I recently got the following two jokes (?) by e-mail and it occurred to me that they illustrated a point I tried to make about types of humor.

The first photo is very unflattering to both women and I do not think the person who wrote it meant it to be a compliment to strong women. As I understood it, the intent was to portray Bill and Barack as weak men who were manipulated by domineering wives. Rush Limbaugh would probably laugh hysterically at it.

The last joke doesn't have a barb in it and I found it to be very funny. Good humor.



"Bill thought he was the President, too.”

How bad is the economy? It is definitely getting very bad.

Cats are so dramatic.

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Tabor said...

Wonderful photos. Gives me a great feeling on the expanse of the area. I just love spring!

Granny Annie said...

I can see your pictures but can't open the pictures with the jokes. Pooh!

Thanks you Darlene for you well wishes for Ron after his accident. He is doing great and looks like he will not have any lingering effects. WhooHoo!

Nancy said...

Sorry, Darlene, but the picture with the economy joke did not appear. The box where the picture should be is blank.....

Darlene said...

Tabor - Thank you. It is wide open territory in that part of the state.
I love Spring, too. It's my favorite season.

Granny Annie and Nancy - I can see the joke pictures on my blog so I think it might be a problem with what browser you use. I don't know how to combat this.

Joy Des Jardins said...

The pics with the jokes are blank for me too Darlene...RATS. But love the other pics.

Parapluie said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog andwill visit again soon. Thanks for leaving a cmment on mine.I like spring too.