Monday, April 27, 2009


Today my mind is a total blank. I guess my kids would say that's not an unusual occurrance. But it has left me with a vacuum and I can't think of a single thing to write about.

That said, I guess I will just write about the pros and cons of writing a blog as I see it.

When I first took on the task of blogging I wondered what in the world I would write about. I have not tried to post every day, but I have found enough miscellany to fill up some space
often enough (even if it were just a photo or two) to feel I had met the challenge. Alas, today I am discouraged about politics and don't want to think about it. Nothing more exciting than a trip to the dentist has gone on in my life and writing about that is out.

I have just explained the first problem with blogging. Finding a topic is not always easy and the thirsty blog is very demanding. It is saying, "Come on, Idiot, it's not so hard. There are a million subjects waiting to be explored."

The second problem is learning how to post. I still haven't figured out how to put the text where I want it when posting pictures. Every time I write a post something goes wrong and my patience level is short. My learning curve is even shorter. Fixing a problem sometimes takes me all afternoon. That is, if I can fix it at all.

That leads to the third problem. Blogging is very time consuming. I won't bore you with the things I am leaving undone to be a slave to my taskmaster, this hodgepodge.

It seems like my blog has a mind of it's own. I preview my carefully composed post and when I publish it, it is in an entirely different format. I have complained loud and long about that evil elf hiding in my computer. Blogspot seems to have a mind of its own about how my layout should look.

However ------- there is a good reason that I put up with this sometimes maddening chore. It is a wonderful way to make new Internet friends and I have made some wonderful ones. It's one big happy family and other bloggers have helped me in myriad ways with problems about my blog as well as other issues.

The second plus is that it allows me to spout off on things that interest me. The beautiful part of that is that anyone perusing my blog can 1) either argue with my points or 2) quit reading my post. In which case 1) I can debate the arguer's position or 2) I will never know that they think I am a raving lunatic and am, thus, not offended.

Anonymity is something that many bloggers achieve. Not me! I have been accused of being opinionated (Of course, I would disagree with that; I just have strong opinions.). Therefore, I am very open in my blog and I think anyone who reads it knows more about me than my closest friends. I am the kind of person who, if you talk to me fifteen minutes, know my life story. Well, since my life has been a very long one, I guess it might take a bit longer than fifteen minutes.

And there you have it. Why I still blog in spite of the frustrations. Wish me luck in thinking of a more interesting topic next time.


la peregrina said...

Nice to find another person who's blog has a mind of its own. :)

Also, I find that people who call other people opinionated usually do so because the person they think is opinionated does not automatically agree with them the way they think that person should.

Mortart said...

Darlene, you're doing just fine. Your blog is wise, informative and entertaining. It's an example of why the blogosphere has become such an important institution.
And my wife Sybil, who is not computer-literate, appreciated your kind comment on her initial venture into our world.

Rain said...

Good work on an interesting blog about 'nothing'. You said it well about how I feel regarding blogging. There are days it's so easy and days it's like pulling teeth to get anything out right. But it's worth it!

Darlene said...

la Peregrina - You may be right about being called opinionated. The person who called me that is a dyed in the wool Republican. ;-).

Mortart - Thank you so much for your kind comment. And good luck to Sybil. She should start her own blog as she is very clever - I can tell.

Rain - Yes, it's worth it. How else would I meet nice people like you?

Parapluie said...

The post "Blogging" brought a smile to my lips.

Chancy said...

OK I give up.
I don't get it. what do the symbols mean?
I must be extra dense today. :(

Joy Des Jardins said...


I'm with Chancy...I'm getting all symbols for your 'blogging' post content at all. POOP! Sounds like I'm missing a good one. Hugs, Joy

LadyLuz said...

Hi Darlene. I'm gradually catching up with your blog after a fallow period on the PC (too busy elsewhere)

This one on blogging is just typical of the great way you write, inviting us all into your thoughts, your life, making it interesting - even when, like this topic, you think you're writing about nothing in particular.

I rely on you, among others, to help me understand American politics. .

So thanks for all your information, wisdom and style ....long may you blog.

Hugs and stuff.