Saturday, October 18, 2008

ACORN Is Not A Nut

John McCain's "greatest voter fraud in history" is really laughable. When you don't have any answers and your policy is so flawed that your own party denounces it ,you have no arrows left in your quiver. All you can do is change the subject and try to scare voters about your opponent.

Jeremiah Wright didn't work out too well and the Ayers smear is falling on it's face as the truth comes out. What's left? Try to tie Obama to ACORN. It's nutty, alright.

The truth about ACORN follows: excerpt from an editorial by Michael Winship on TRUTHOUT.


ACORN registers minority communities whose voices all too often go unheard.

What happens is that some of those hired to do the registering, who are paid by the name, make people up. As a result, you'll discover that among the registrants are such obvious fakes as Mickey Mouse and the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys, among others.

This is where the Republican meme kicks in. As they have in past elections (although now louder and more angrily than ever), the G.O.P. has made ACORN the red flag du jour as the party tries to mobilize its conservative base and, allegedly, attempts to suppress the vote and distract attention from accusations of election tampering made against them, too.

The charge is that these fake registrations will create havoc at the polls. On Tuesday morning, former Republican Sens. John Danforth and Warren Rudman, chairs of Senator McCain's Honest and Open Elections Committee, held a press conference and described the results of the bad seeds in ACORN's registration program as "a potential nightmare." Danforth said he was concerned "that this election night and the days that follow will be a rerun of 2000, and even worse than 2000."

John McCain raised it at Wednesday night's final debate and went further, adding, "We need to know the full extent of Senator Obama's relationship with ACORN, who [sic] is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy "

Obama replied, "ACORN is a community organization. Apparently, what they have done is they were paying people to go out and register folks. And apparently, some of the people who were out there didn't really register people; they just filled out a bunch of names. Had nothing to do with us. We were not involved."

Which is not to say Obama has not been associated with ACORN in the recent past. He has. As he said in the debate, as a lawyer, he joined with the group in partnership with the US Justice Department to implement a motor voter registration law in Illinois - allowing folks to register to vote at their local DMV. His work as a community organizer bought him into contact with ACORN, the organization received money from the Woods Fund while he was a board member there, and his presidential campaign gave ACORN more than $800,000 to help with get-out-the-vote campaigns during the primary season - but not, apparently, for registration drives.

All of this distracts from several important points. ACORN has registered 1.3 million voters and maintains that in virtually every instance it is ACORN that has reported the incidents of fraud.

As the organization asserted in a response to Senator McCain, "ACORN hired 13,000 field workers to register people to vote. In any endeavor of this size, some people will engage in inappropriate conduct. ACORN has a zero tolerance policy and terminated any field workers caught engaging in questionable activity. At the end of the day, as ACORN is paying these people to register voters, it is ACORN that is defrauded."

Arrests have been made, as well they should be.

Add to this the simple fact that registration fraud is not election fraud. Seventy-five made-up people who are registered as, say, "Brad Pitt," are not likely going to show up at some polling place on November 4 to vote in the election. Because they don't exist. (Besides, Angelina would never give them time off from babysitting duties.)

Granted, there are ways to mail in an absentee ballot under a fake name and, too, from time to time some joker is going to come to the polls and try to bluff his or her way in. But despite the charge that thousands and thousands of fakes will flood the machines and throw off the count, it does not happen very often. And according to ACORN, "Even RNC [Republican National Committee] General Counsel Sean Cairncross has recently acknowledged he is not aware of a single improper vote cast as a result of bad cards submitted in the course of an organized voter registration effort."

What's equally if not more scary are continued allegations of Republican attempts at "caging" minority voters - making challenge lists of African- and Hispanic-Americans registered in heavily Democratic districts. Just this week, a federal judge in Michigan ruled that voters could not be purged from the rolls in that state simply because their mailing address was invalid - this followed a failed attempt by a Michigan Republican county chairman to use a list of foreclosed homes as the basis of voter challenges.

This comes on the heels of a recent report from the Brennan Center at New York University documenting how state officials - often with the best of intentions - purge huge numbers of perfectly legal voters from the rolls.

As my colleague Bill Moyers reported, "Hundreds of thousands of legal voters may have been dumped in recent years, many without ever being notified." The report describes a "process that is shrouded in secrecy, prone to error, and vulnerable to mischief.

Hardly reassuring words if you want democracy to work, and sadly,not an urban legend, but the simple truth.


A good friend gave me an idea and I am going to propose a contest. There will be no prize except the knowledge that they are very clever.

So here it is: Tell what Sarah Palin will be doing after she has ruined her political career. Answers will be on a later post.


kenju said...

I think she will go back home and mount a campaign to become a Senator from Alaska.

Either that, or she will start a home for unwed mothers.

Sylvia K said...

Or she'll really let out her anger on all the moose and polar bears in Alaska! Acorn isn't a nut, but she is!

ugich konitari said...

She never had a political career, although she thought so. And she just spoilt Mccain's (whatever was left). I think she will star in Disney Film calle "I betcha", with animated bears.

Darlene said...

Thank you for the 3 entries.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I think she could very well have the balls to run for Senator too Darlene.

I also think that since she's so qualified and knowledgeable it her mind....she will start her own phone-in talk/advice show...."Just Ask Sarah." Or her own own TV talk show..."Sarah Speaks" or "Palin Points" or "The Sarah Palin Show, You Betcha!"

Oh Dear God, I just gave myself a headache.

Darlene said...

Thank you for the entries in my contest. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

joy des jardins is probably close to right; but, in my fantasy world, I see her going to work for one of the physics high-energy particles labs--explaining to us average folks what it is they are doing!
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