Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Horse and A Bailout

For a change of pace to help relieve the stress of the election I am posting a video of a dancing horse named Hors Blu Matine. If you have ever seen the Lippizaner horses perform you will appreciate the skill that goes into training these magnificent animals. Even if horses aren't 'your thing' I think you will find this video entertaining. So pour your favorite beverage, sit back and relax. Time 6.30 minutes.

(Note: I have spent hours trying to embed these videos to no avail. Sorry you have to click on the link to see them.)

YouTube - ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final

Now that you are relaxed maybe you will be able to take the bad news that the following video imparts. Hard as it is, we need to know as much as we can about the coming days so we can prepare as best we can. Time 6.30 minutes.

YuTube - Why Wont The Bail Out Work? MUST SEE!

Unless they have a crystal ball no one really knows how this economic crisis will end. The experts are all over the map on how deep and for how long the recession will last. I am not an economist and have trouble balancing my checkbook (even though I keep it on the computer) so I won't pretend to make a prognosis. All I can do is hope it isn't as bad as the Great Depression I once lived through.

I am still waiting for more entries in my little contest " What will Sarah Palin end up doing after she has trashed (tarnished) her image and her political career is over. No entry is too outlandish. This is the last call for ideas. I will post the winner on my next post.

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Sylvia K said...

I have always loved the Lipizaners, love to watch them and I'll do that today! And we do need that uplift with all the bad news these days. Thank you, as always, for your support and helping people know about my new blog. You're a darling and I'm so fortunate to have you as a friend!

Lydia said...

I saw a small troupe of Lipizaners in Reno around 1970. Now I wonder what it must have been like getting them over to the States for that tour!

This horse was spectacular; a skipping horse! It was so good that I signed on to my account just so I could rate it 5 stars.