Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Follow Up

As a follow up to yesterday's disreputable video by Michelle Buchanan here is Keith Olbermann on the same subject. You won't find this one so offensive.

Lest we forget why we must elect Democrats this time I am enclosing an old video that I think is important. We need to look forward, it's true, but sometimes we need to be reminded of why we are fighting so hard. We must not stop until Obama is our next president.

We must not let our democracy slip into fascism. Under George Bush we came very close to giving up our most vital freedoms.

Bush hasn't stopped yet. He is trying to do another sneak attack by removing the protection of 11,000 acres of beautiful Utah land and opening it up to oil and gas drilling and to ATV's. t r u t h o u t | Proposed Rule Would Ease Restrictions on Mining Pollution

We must remain vigilant and keep writing our representatives to stop his mischief. Lets just hope he doesn't decide to bomb,baby bomb Iran before leaving office.


Gary White said...

Just caught up with your recent postings, Darlene. Great stuff! I'll drop in more often.

Ms. Fairway said...

Yep...I'm absolutely with you. It scares me to think what this country will be like if Obama does not win.

Darlene said...

Thank you Gary, You will be welcome when you visit. I might even give you a cup of coffee. ;).

ms. fairway, so nice of you to visit my site. Yes, Obama must win. It's looking good.

Kay Dennison said...

I had this one on my blog and I really liked it a lot! Today I have some more that I rather liked.

Obama is coming to our city this week!!!! I have to decide if I want to face the crowds. We don't get nat'l candidates here often. McCain is staying down on the river where there aren't many blacks. I'm going to call a couple city council people I know and see if I can wangle an invite.

Would that be cool or what?

Chancy said...

Keep up the good work Darlene

Darlene said...

Kay, I saw the video (and others) on your blog a short time ago. Great minds with but a single thought, eh what? ;)

Chancy, I will keep trying. Thanks for visiting.

Tabor said...

This correspondent always gets my energy up. His command of English and excellent ability to phrase the argument in honorable terms makes me think there is still hope for us all. Even if Obama is elected I will not sigh with relief for years as this divided nation needs lots of healing.

Darlene said...

Tabor, you are so right. It's going to be a long time before the country can recover from the disaster that Bush created and we all will all suffer.